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1.4.3 oth update wont access google marketSupport

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  1. joshkwasi

    joshkwasi New Member

    I rooted my NT a few weeks ago and i have CM7 with OTA updates blocked. The other night it still received that updates from B&N anyways. Since then i have not been able to access the market. A window pops up saying i dont have an account and asks if i would like to make one, but it just exits when i hit yes or no. any ideas??

  2. joshkwasi

    joshkwasi New Member

    exact message is " you must add an account to the device to continue. do you want to add one now. yes or no" hitting either one takes me back to my main menu
  3. joshkwasi

    joshkwasi New Member

    updating the googple play frame work will fix this issue

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