1.6 ota update........

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  1. fm335

    fm335 Member

    just starting a thread so anyone can post if they have actually received the update...........

  2. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

  3. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Having a thread like this was helpful for the earlier update (unlike the update itself :( ). Good thinking.
  4. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    You just had to mess up this thread, didn't you?

    I'll tell you why, because it gives people something to do. Maybe everyone else getting the update and your not, you would want to know what is up.

    But this thread was suppose to be for people once they get their update.

    Not for people that just want to pee on all the threads like you.

    Have some respect!
  5. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Ok but why not wait for the update to happen THEN post a new thread?

    This might be buried on page 7 by the time the update comes.
  6. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    I won't even comment.

    Forum beefs are not my style.
  7. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Because the first people to get it might not think of posting that they got it. If they see this thread, they'll be more likely to post.

    And that's ALL I'm posting here. Unless my Droid Incredible gets "updated" to 1.6 w/TWiz I'm not getting this OTA, so I have no business posting here.
  8. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    It's probably safe to assume that the BH2 owners left on here probably don't know how to turn it into an ODIN image for the rest of us to leech right?
  9. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Well that is why we have a all things root section and a post that covers it. The question however is will this update prove the other guy right in that he was saying 2.1 or will we get to laugh at his thought of samsung actually releasing 2.1?
  10. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    No, my question is whether or not someone on here knows how to turn the new, official 1.6 update into a file that we can use with Odin. I'm not looking for a rooted version. I'm looking for a way to update manually without having to wait on TMobile.
  11. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Probably not fast enough for it to matter. By the time its turned into an image for odin most people should have the update.
  12. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    Yea good point. Chances are I'll go back to one of BH_MAN's ROMS, but I'm just more curious I guess to see if the tweaking they did got rid of the processor bottleneck and made Twiz somewhat faster.
  13. Ohgami

    Ohgami Well-Known Member

    You say that but some people only got a partial update (i.e. Failed update that flagged that phone as getting it) and some never got the update even after a month!

    (I was one such person)
    I had to rely on the kindness of other forum members here to get the last update.
  14. nguyenmd

    nguyenmd Active Member

    I think as of today no bh2 user got the update from t-mobile yet? Sound like they r bs..ing us again. :mad:

  15. behold_guy

    behold_guy Active Member

    Something else you should add when you get the update is perhaps what city and state you are in so that if some one in the same city does not get it they can call Tmo and say WTF. Just my opinion.

    And no I have not got it yet but there are some rules in order to get it. I'll start a thread so every one knows them. brb
  16. nguyenmd

    nguyenmd Active Member

    Still no update yet for me. Anybody out there got their phones update ota yet?
    My phone is the same the way i got it from t-mobile in April 2010. the only thing is it suppose to be used on
    my wife line but now its mine. I have data plan. I wonder if Thats affecting the ota update?
  17. blackerwater

    blackerwater Well-Known Member

    I haven't gotten it either. Guess tomorrow. Doesn't look like anyone else has gotten it. Maybe there's a problem?

    Sent from my android device using tapatalk :)
  18. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    nothing for me...I was one who got the last update like a week or 2 later than the "window" that t-mobile gave everyone.
  19. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer

  20. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    I received the update, woke up this morning and there it was waiting for me. Went to bed around 1am, so it happened somewhere between 1am and 7am. San Antonio, TX.
  21. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member

    is the update any different from the 1.6 bh2 stock with twiz that bh_man got
  22. inaz4sun

    inaz4sun Well-Known Member

    So you can only get it from like 11pm to 6:00am, you can just get it at anytime? This seems like a really convoluted procedure. When Tmo updated my Dash, I just went to the Tmo website, downloaded a file and followed the simple update instructions, bam done.
  23. chtse53

    chtse53 New Member

    I live in Renton, WA. I have a data connection, not the android plan, with APN using internet2.voicestream.com for internet connection. I didn't get the OTA update though I noticed attempted "Device Manager" connection with two diagnonal arrows shown in the left upper corner of the notification area briefly. I changed the APN to epc.tmobile.com and switch off/on the phone again. This time, the "Device Manager connecting" indicator remained on for about 20 minutes and showing 3G activities too. The screen suddenly pop up a message congratulating me for getting update software and asked me to continue. After clicking continue, the updating process began and took another 20-30 minutes to complete with a reboot. Checking the "about phone" messages, it indicated OS version 1.6. All these happened after 7:30am PST.
  24. carlosz

    carlosz Member

    Houston Tx- 1:55 pm
    Still no update
  25. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    Baseband version is different

    Kernel Version:
    Tue May 4 19:02:25 KST 2010

    Build number

    What Bh_man got was a leaked copy of an older build of this. Bugs like the one dealing with the automatic brightness have been fixed.

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