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  1. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    I know, but it won't be 1% increments.

  2. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    Well, I sent the developer of circle battery widget an email concerning the accuracy of this app, it turns out it really is accurate and not an approximation, check out the correspondence, it's short and to the point:


    The value is not an approximating value, it's a value read in a system file.

    2011/2/24 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX <XXXXXXX@hotmail.com>:
    > I've been wondering how accurate the measurements are by your widget? Does
    > it take actual 1% increment/decrement measurements or is it approximating
    > somehow?
    > A reply from you would be greatly appreciated.
    > Thanks

    So why Motorola doesn't read the system file in the same fashion I still don't understand.
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  3. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    That's what I was waiting for Bouchigo. Thanks for posting.
  4. k0smo86

    k0smo86 Well-Known Member

    It does seem more accurate then just a guess, I use Minimalistic text, which had this hack before the circle widget does so I can assume it's the same implementation. Regardless, very cool feature!
  5. ABRMess006

    ABRMess006 Well-Known Member

  6. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

  7. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that kind of threw me off :confused:
  8. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

  9. RWil85

    RWil85 Well-Known Member

    I think the most ideal implementation would be to have this 1% system file that's being read also be accessed by the circular battery monitors in the status bar given to us by various users' framework mods...THAT would be awesome. Its kind of ridiculous that I have a widget going by 1% and my status bar is going by 10% increments...weak.
  10. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    I agree with you on that one.......maybe in time it will happen.

    I just don't understand Moto sometimes......well, most of the time actually :D
  11. Wally World

    Wally World Well-Known Member

    But if the X file system doesn't provide the 1% stats how can the widget pull this info from the system?
  12. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    Stock Android (from Google) does, so more than likely it's Moto that doesn't. Moto must have changed it for a reason, but I can't think of any good reasons why they would do this :confused:
  13. ABRMess006

    ABRMess006 Well-Known Member

    HAHAHAHAHA oh wow what an extremely epic fail right there.... definitely meant to go in another thread but I don't even know which one anymore lol

    WOOPS :eek:
  14. kickenwing13

    kickenwing13 Well-Known Member

    Hey sorry this is kind of unrelated, but I installed black and chrome for apex 1.4 on my phone and one of the screens i saw shows the bottom dock in words like yours. How did you manage to get it like that ?
  15. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what davidukfl is using, but I'm using launcher pro with custom icons by "Tallmin". I think you can do it with ADW and Go Launcher too, but I don't use those launchers.
  16. ABRMess006

    ABRMess006 Well-Known Member


    I have Launcher Pro and just found a custom dock and Icons from dreamlyfe...

    If you want I can upload the dock and icons I used...
  17. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    Sure, it's good to diversify some times :D
  18. Sokudo Ningyou

    Sokudo Ningyou Well-Known Member

    So, is CBW really just estimating? Because since the update, my phone never apparently charges past 95, according to the widget.
  19. ABRMess006

    ABRMess006 Well-Known Member

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  20. RWil85

    RWil85 Well-Known Member


    This is my first Moto phone as well as my first Droid device..so, I thought it was unbelievable at first (it's not terrible) but, I am beginning to realize the X's limitations.

    It is fun/challenging at times though, to learn how to beat those limitations I guess..
  21. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    In case you guys wanted to know, I also asked him about a status bar notification that shows battery level:

    Yes, in a next release... But it will be of the left of the status bar...

    2011/2/25 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX <XXXXXXX@hotmail.com>:
    > Are you planning on adding a status bar notification that shows the battery
    > level later on???
    > Thanks
  22. 3club

    3club Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, yeah I know this was an old thread, but this is where my inquiries led.

    I don't have answers. I'm looking for them. So please correct me where applicable.

    I believe the Droid X is extremely inaccurate in its battery indicator. I downloaded the Circle Battery Widget hoping for a solution, but I think it is just as inaccurate, just more precisely so.

    If I've confused anyone, allow me to apologize: If I were to say that the moon is about 300,000 miles from the earth, on average, then I would be about 60,000 miles off. But if I were to say that it was more precisely 297,146 miles away on average, then I would be more precisely 58,289 miles off. Either way, I'm way off, but using such a precise number would lead many to believe that latter measurement was accurate to within a mile, an erroneous assumption.

    Likewise, I believe that the Droid reaches way back and pulls a number out of it's droit butt that says "battery has 17% left" and writes this to a file, but knowing how far off this number really is, it displays "20%" in the status bar, when if fact it may still be half full. So then CBW finds this more precise (but just as wrong) reading buried in some file and displays it, and we think it's great.

    I submit the following as supporting reasons for my belief:
    I have several batteries (cells). I noticed with the extended ones (with more than twice the capacity) that the remaining percentage in the status bar would go down just as quickly to 5%, and then just hang there for another day, never running out.
    Also, I took five cells on a camping trip. At the end, four of the cells were showing either 5 or 10% remaining. I put in the fifth cell, which was still 100% full, then rechecked the other four, and they were instantly up to 20-60% remaining. Just by putting in and removing a fuller battery.

    Now you know those cells didn't recharge themselves sitting on the picnic table. Thus, I have no better explanation than that the phone reaches down and pulls a number out of its butt, writes it to a file, rounds it off, and puts it on the status bar. CBW just seems to not round it off before displaying it.

    I really want to be wrong about this. Somebody, please tell me it ain't so!

    I did find another app, Battery Indicator, which shows the same wrong info as the native droid indicator, but it also shows a battery voltage. I haven't really found a correlation between the two, sometimes a lower voltage will be displayed with a higher percentage, but my gut tells me a voltage reading would be the most accurate indicator we have available.
  23. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    The inconsistencies are there because you are not wiping the battery stats every time you switch batteries. Either do it in CWR or download BatteryCalibration from the Market.

    It's going to be difficult for you to get an accurate reading since you switch out batteries so often.
  24. 3club

    3club Well-Known Member

    Ah, that's good info, thank you! My search for answers is now one step closer to completion, just a zillion more to go! :)

    Question: I rarely use the stock battery anymore. The four extended batteries I bought within a couple weeks of eachother, so I assume they should be nearly identical in condition. If I run the calibration on one of those four, should that be good for all of them? (As long as I don't switch back to the stock battery?)

    And does it matter that I don't charge them in the phone, but on an external charger?
  25. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    It shouldn't matter where you charge them.

    Just be aware that even though the batteries are identical (same model number) they are not exactly alike specs-wise, but you will probably get more desirable results as the specs of those batteries should be close to one another.

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