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  1. aleric4000

    aleric4000 New Member

    Does anyone has this tablet? Please let me know your experience with the Apad! Thanks,

  2. eriel.ramos

    eriel.ramos New Member

    Do you have a link? The description is rather generic.
  3. clvaughn

    clvaughn New Member

    it is very slow, it wont play games that are fast..also has a very week wifi..i was very displeased with the on i bought.
  4. dfrank1129

    dfrank1129 Member

    hep..hep...I'm going crazy...can anyone assist w/this android? i am trying to set up my wi-fi and the error message is set to 'notify me when an open network is available'...what's up w/that?

    any suggestions?
  5. mlb8

    mlb8 New Member

    did you get your wifi to work? we have this tablet and it worked great for about a month and now it won't connect to wifi at all. cannot find manufacturer information to see about getting a replacement. feel really stuck. not sure what to do
  6. hadyiannos

    hadyiannos New Member

    Hi, i have an apad from china (VIA ARM926 google android 2.2 )
    as i play with im the screen get black and not start
    when i start it i only see the green light and the screen dont show a think
    before this i only see the android robot and stay there i try to install a new rom and now i only see black screen and the green light off the power!
    Can any one help me with this?

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