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  1. aleric4000

    aleric4000 New Member

    Does anyone has this tablet? Please let me know your experience with the Apad! Thanks,

  2. eriel.ramos

    eriel.ramos New Member

    Do you have a link? The description is rather generic.
  3. aleric4000

    aleric4000 New Member

  4. aleric4000

    aleric4000 New Member

  5. clvaughn

    clvaughn New Member

    it is very slow, it wont play games that are fast..also has a very week wifi..i was very displeased with the on i bought.
  6. dfrank1129

    dfrank1129 Member

    hep..hep...I'm going crazy...can anyone assist w/this android? i am trying to set up my wi-fi and the error message is set to 'notify me when an open network is available'...what's up w/that?

    any suggestions?
  7. mlb8

    mlb8 New Member

    did you get your wifi to work? we have this tablet and it worked great for about a month and now it won't connect to wifi at all. cannot find manufacturer information to see about getting a replacement. feel really stuck. not sure what to do
  8. hadyiannos

    hadyiannos New Member

    Hi, i have an apad from china (VIA ARM926 google android 2.2 )
    as i play with im the screen get black and not start
    when i start it i only see the green light and the screen dont show a think
    before this i only see the android robot and stay there i try to install a new rom and now i only see black screen and the green light off the power!
    Can any one help me with this?

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