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  1. Farley1981

    Farley1981 Well-Known Member

    Hey all

    I've just bought myself a 10.2" ZENITHINK ZT280 ANDROID 4.0 CORTEX A9 C91 CAPACITIVE TABLET PC MULTI TOUCH

    So far I think it's a good tablet for the money so can't complain. I was just wondering I'm using dolphin browser to do my surfing and on some web sites that have videos I can't play them, the player don't load. I have flash 11 and all updated. Is this my pad or the browser in using?

    Many thanks

  2. Raymond1701

    Raymond1701 Member

    There`s a problem with Flash and BBC Iplayer (they don`t work) try reinstalling Flash 10.2, this worked for me with web animations it may be on your Nand internal memory as an apk file.

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