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160 character SMS limit

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  1. masterboy123

    masterboy123 Member

    I never know when my 160 character limit is over and always get charged for 2 SMS.

    Is there a way to set it? There is only 1 option in msgs settings i.e. Number of messages per conversation, which is set to 200 now.


  2. chowmailap

    chowmailap Well-Known Member

    I use gosms and it shows how many characters you've typed and when it splits texts
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  3. BoomerUS

    BoomerUS Active Member

    I hate to say this but ... isn't the SMS character limit 140 characters? I believe this is why you are bring charged for two messages!

    Every phone I've owned and messaged with shows how many characters I've typed and when I've typed enough to make it two messages.
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  4. masterboy123

    masterboy123 Member

    In Europe, 160 characters are counted as 1 SMS.
    I dont see anywhere where i can see how many characters i have written :(
  5. BoomerUS

    BoomerUS Active Member

    I always forget there's a lot of international users here. 160 characters would have saved me a bunch if we had that on the States.

    You might want to fill out your "Location" in your profile!

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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