160 dpi and sense?

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  1. Besadl

    Besadl New Member

    I'm currently using beatmod rom and like all sense ui's the sense stuff doesn't scale well with 160dpi :( does anyone have any experience with the beatmod flyersense rom and it's 160dpi mod?

    Ideally I would like a rom like beatmod gingersense but scaled to 160dpi with a 6x6 drawer and home screen, I can do that using adw launcher but then I don't have a sense ui or widgets :( so you know of an adw theme that is like sense and sense widgets that will work on adw launcher at 160dpi again please let me know :)


    Brad :)

  2. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Which sense widgets do you use?
  3. Besadl

    Besadl New Member

    Mainly the clock and weather widgets, and the clocks numbers screw up badly at 160dpi :(

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