16Gb micro sd card class 10? what ya think?General

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  1. dritter67

    dritter67 New Member

    looking at Upgrading my Memory card to a 16gb class 10 micro sdhc. Am I wasting my money on the class 10?? I know its faster write speeds, but does it help at all with phone use. I gpt rid of my annoying Ipod nano, and want to use my phone for my music needs now... The class 10 is expensive, but id be OK with it if it helped out on the speed of the music player and phone.
    Thanks for the help!


  2. bookemdano

    bookemdano New Member

    I am also looking for the answer to the OP question, and what brand is better, i have read reviews on the Kingston and some people are not to happy with them...


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