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  1. ChickenMacNugget

    ChickenMacNugget New Member


    I've been looking around and I've heard from some people that the x10 mini pro can take a 32gb micro SD card and that it can't from others.

    Does anyone know if it can support a 32gb card? If it does i'll be getting one for my mini pro that's still on it's way.

    And if I was to put a 32gb card into the phone could it damage it? Or would it just read as being only 16gb...

    Thanks for the help!

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    I read that the bigger the card the slower it can make your phone as it's having to use a lot of resources to read it. I am no tech expert so don't know if this is true but maybe someone else can comment also.
  3. artvegan

    artvegan New Member

    I have a sandisk 32GB micro sd card and it works perfectly. I think it runs even better than the 4gb original micro sd card that the phone came with.
  4. Fxxx

    Fxxx Member

    What class is your card before i put 32gb class 6 in and it does'nt work.
  5. passtherock

    passtherock Member

    hi guys, regarding upgrading the micro sd for the handset, is it just something you plug in or do you need to format the new sd card once installed? tia

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