16gb sd cardGeneral

  1. dsmdc5

    dsmdc5 New Member

    Anyone get one for the G2 yet? Which one would you reccommend?

  2. Gilnino

    Gilnino Member

    Been using a16gig sd card since g2 came out. No problems
  3. TheTOSH4.0

    TheTOSH4.0 New Member

    yeah same no problems at all, got to have more than the stock 8gb
  4. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member

    i asked a very similar question not long after the G2 came out - here

    i got this one (recommended on that board)

    been fine so far...

    now, that was oct of 2010 - there may be better deals to be found, better speeds, higher capacity, etc - i'm not sure

    just sharing what i did at the time
  5. dbldown

    dbldown Member

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