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1800 MAH replacment battery from obostoreAccessories

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  1. Joelzinho

    Joelzinho Well-Known Member

    Official product might end up being like 4x the price. But I aswell would rather an official product. But jeeze...10, bucks seems almost too good to pass up.

  2. stuarta

    stuarta Well-Known Member

    Let us know who else buys it
  3. arabickostas

    arabickostas Member

    Hello..i just bought the DHD...i was ready to buy this 1800 mah battery..is there any problem with the length or the width of it? so it doesnt comfort normally in the phone?
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    From the post mailrooman made yes, it is a bit tight in the phone. I can't be specific as I don't have the battery, we'll need mailroomman to tell how tight a fit it is and how difficult it is to get the battery cover on.

    As mentioned above, I can't be 100% sure it will have a negative effect on the internal workings on the phone as I don't have the battery. I do know that if batteries are a bad fit, they can damage the casing (dependant on how bad a fit is).

    I could be being over cautious, but to me, the phone is designed to hold a battery of certain dimensions and even a couple of millimetres difference could be deterimental.
  5. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    I think I'll give this a shot too, for the sake of
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I'll be happy to be proved wrong, if it works out ok, I'll probably get one for myself.

    I've generally no issues with battery life, I'm never normally away from a charger for too long, but extra capacity always comes in handy.
  7. stuarta

    stuarta Well-Known Member

    At that price it's almost rude not too
  8. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member

    hi all
    the battery is a bit on the tight side but it will go in there .
    i had a look this afternoon again battery tab came off ok and the battery came out with with a littel shack but no majour force needed.

    also ive just done 24 hours from a full charge and im down to 27% and this battery has had a good old work out .
    just keeps getting better
  9. fishphone

    fishphone Well-Known Member

    I ordered one too, worth a punt for
  10. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Bit the bullet, for
  11. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member

    Thats the spirit lads !

    You just cant go wrong and its the best six quid ive spent .
    El Presidente likes this.
  12. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Secretly work for obostore? :p
  13. stuarta

    stuarta Well-Known Member

    Let us know your thoughts then I might have to get the moths out
  14. stuarta

    stuarta Well-Known Member

    just seeing what else is worth buying on there at the same time
  15. stuarta

    stuarta Well-Known Member

    see lots of reviews of people not receiving them
  16. footrots

    footrots New Member

    i ordered ten batteries 23 days ago - and they turned up today - i found the battery not- or hardly much bugger but - im hoping they are good.- yes the obostore is good - and at 9 dollars each - they are cheap not to try one
  17. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member

    Wow thats a lot off battery ! Are a famous explorer off to the deepest darkest Peru lol
    Hope they are all good batts.
  18. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member

    Hi all tomorrow is judgment day and hopefully will give some hard numbers for you to diguest .
    Watch this space LOL
  19. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member

    hi all
    after 7 days of chargeing and dischargeing this is what i have found .
    on the first day after putting in the battery there was around 75 % of charge "goog start".
    the battery was a littel tight to get in the batery bay and to close the tab was a littel tricky as i did not want to damage the case or b
    tab but it went in non the less.
    my battery monitor displayed 1800 mah capacity and i used the battery as agressive as i could to work down the charge before i did a 5% to full charge via watching mcatchup tv.
    i did this by via my xbox usb as to get a slow deep trickle charge over night this i now do as standard each night .
    the next morning i went out for a walk with my dog with 2 and a half hours listening to online radio with a few sms and facebook hits and the other bits and bobs running in the background email every 15 mins ect ect my battery was down to 93%.
    now with a stock htc battery it would easy to be in the 70%,s zone "big change"
    i found that the battery was getting stronger and stronger as the days went on with more and more resluts and no longer feeling that i had to carry the charger with me .
    i find my battery is lasting me around 24 hours but this mainly down to the fact im never off it .

    fully charged =5122mv -1800mah -battery temp 25.0`c
    the use stats of for 24 hours as follows...
    display 47%
    cell %29
    phone idle 19%
    andriod system 4%
    andriod os 3%
    1 tap cleaner 2%
    dolphin hd 31 %
    avg antivirus 2%
    traffic monitor 2%
    battery monitor widget 2%
    while the battery was in standby the phone was taking from 1ma to 6ma per every 1 min i presume for mobile mast seeking .
    i think it is as low as it is becouse im very close to a three mast by a few hundred meters away.
    58 to 116 ma was taken for email checking every 15 mins
    147 ma to 157 ma was taken for facebook checking also every 15 mins
    watching catch up tv was by far the most hungry app taking 678ma per every 1 min
    after 24 hours i have 21% of my battery left and with estimates of 4hours and 20 mins left .

    please forgive me if my review is not that great but it,s my first one .
    if you have questions please feel free to ask and if i can i will.

    oh i should mention that the user "saftey" very rightly pointed out on a differant thread that you must manuly change the value of the capacity of the battery .
    i did not as it was allready at 1800mah but just check to be sure .
    if not this is how ...

    You have to go into settings and then manually enter the supposed capacity of the battery under monitoring preferences and then Battery Capacity.
  20. mailroomman

    mailroomman Well-Known Member

    i wanted to put a screen shot up of my phone screen of stats but how do you do this exactley .. sorry noobby vile.com lol:confused:
  21. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    If you want the device to take a screenshot of itself, you'll need to be rooted. Alternatively, just take a pic with a digital camera, upload to imageshack and then put the url between a couple of image tags like this -

    [IMG]Your url[/IMG]

    Make sense?

    Or without rooting -

    mailroomman likes this.
  22. Bigleg

    Bigleg Member

    Just ordered one, thanks for the heads up, hope this product makes a difference as I'm a reasonably heavy user and if I go out in the morning use phone all day, then forget to charge if I come in late at night, the battery is usually dead by morning :(
  23. safety

    safety New Member

    I just wanted to share something that I found. By placing auto updating widgets on the home screen, like the Battery Monitor Widget, you will increase the drain on the battery.

    After removal I have found a significant increase in battery life for average usage. It might be worth a try. I just launch the app and it runs in the background. You can always hold down the home key to bring up the app switcher for quick access. Alternatively, just use the built in battery checker in settings (which is where the usage stats are picked up by Battery monitor app anyway).

    However, when using the phone aggressively I still bring the battery to its knees in under ~ 4 - 5 hours of use. It is the display and network which kill it :(
  24. footrots

    footrots New Member

    after a week of trying out the new 1800 mAh batteries- they dont seem to be as good as they they seem - - does anyone else have this same problem?
  25. stuarta

    stuarta Well-Known Member

    are you using the same one from obostore?

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