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1and1 POP email sync on HTC Evo (Browse All)

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  1. faheypb

    faheypb New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 9, 2010
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    I've had my Evo for a few days and am getting used to all it can do. I am using two email account with it. I've had no trouble using and syncing my exchange active sync account. I've also registered a POP email account, which is hosted through 1and1. This email gets to the device - no prob. However, if I view my 1and1 account on my pc in Putlook and delete some mail (or have the spam filter catch it and delete it), those changes are not reflected on my Evo device.

    What can I do to have my 1and1 POP email on the device reflect the fact that those emails have been deleted from the server?

    Is managing my 1and1 POP account through a Gmail account the only way to make this work? I'd really rather not adopt another email account.

    Help me experienced android fans! Thanks :)


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