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[1st Gen] kindle fire 1st gen upgrade

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  1. kywatchman

    kywatchman New Member

    Thinking about putting jellybean(android 4.1) on my 1st edition kindle fire. Is it worth the risk? I've downloaded the Rom package and detailed instructions, still a little skiddish. I hear it really transforms the KF.

  2. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    I have jellybean on mine. I was skeptical at first just like you but ended up going for it because you can always go back to what you used to have or try something else out. Thats the good thing about it. Theres always other choices and options.
  3. bubbaken

    bubbaken Well-Known Member

    I'm not new to custom roms/rooting and have been on the Kindle for less than a week. My advise is do it! I just installed CM10 and it is great. The newer version 11/07 was taking forever so I grabbed the 11/02 version.

  4. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree. If you've already rooted/installed the FFF bootloader and TWRP, then go for it. Worst case scenario, make a backup of your current setup in TWRP and go back to stock amazon....but you don't do that, trust me.
  5. zoxxo

    zoxxo Well-Known Member

    I'm curious, does installing JB replace the Kindle UI with the Android UI? I ask because I sold my KF1G to my sister and updating the Android version would be cool, but only if the original interface was kept on the device...
  6. elderlypunk

    elderlypunk Well-Known Member

    Yeah it has a standard sort of android interface. The launcher is called "trebuchet". IMHO it's much better than the stock kindle launcher by far. My wife also agrees.
  7. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Yeah. And you can still use Nova or apex too.
  8. guitarman2010

    guitarman2010 Member

    Rooting my Kindle and installing custom firmware was the best choice I made regarding use of the tablet. If you follow the instructions thoroughly you should not have an issue. Actually bricking a Fire is pretty hard.

    There is a ROM out there (MoDaCo ROM which is based on the 6.3.1 update) which retains Amazon's stock UI but allows you full root access :) The developer streamlined the UI making it a lot smoother than the original.

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