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[1st Gen] [Question] Did I just kill my Kindle Fire? ._.

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  1. wyndslash

    wyndslash Well-Known Member

    Right, so I recently flashed JB on my KF, and everything was going fine, nothing to complain about. Until now. I left my KF to charge and when I went back, I can't turn it on! No matter how many times I push the power button, nothing happens.

  2. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    Have you tried holding the power button for a while? It may be turned on, but not responding, and needs to be powered off before turning it back on. I believe it is 20 seconds to force a power off on a hung KF. Then wait 1 minute and try turning it on again...
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  3. wyndslash

    wyndslash Well-Known Member

    It works now! For a moment there I got scared :)

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