[1st Gen] [RECOVERY] Cannibal Open Touch v2.1 (latest update: 12/1/2012)

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  1. drewwalton1921

    drewwalton1921 Well-Known Member Developer

    Project Open Cannibal presents...
    Cannibal Open Touch v2.1 for Amazon Kindle Fire (1st gen)

    About Cannibal Open Touch:
    Cannibal Open Touch is the next generation of custom recoveries. Jam-packed with cool and useful features, it can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

    Main Features:
    1. Theme support
    2. Touch screen button controls!
    3. GooManager support!
    4. Advanced Backup
    5. Delete old backups!
    6. Persistent settings
    7. User-defined backup locations!
    8. ADB Sideload
    9. Touchscreen calibration
    10. Backported


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