[1st Gen] Rooted Kindle Fire (1st Gen) problems

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  1. cjeffers84

    cjeffers84 New Member

    Hello everyone.
    I just rooted my kindle fire 1st gen (6.3.1) using the Kindle Fire Utility 0.9.6
    The instructions I found online indicated that I should use option 2 (Install Permanent Root with Supervisor).
    Rooting was successful.
    I tried to sideload Subway Surfers. However, the software keeps crashing
    Did I miss a step somewhere?

  2. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Hello, cjeffers84, welcome to Android Forums! :)

    I've moved your thread to the Kindle Fire All Things Root Section, so that other users of the same device should be able to assist you :D
  3. guitarman2010

    guitarman2010 Member

    Which ROM are you running... Is it rooted stock? Whatever it is......one thing I noticed about my rooted Kindle is some apps simply won't work on some ROMs and other ROMs they will work just fine. A recent example is my wife's rooted Kindle......I've never had a problem running Fruit Ninja but the particular ROM she has now (a JB ROM)....the game will immediately FC! If it is an app you can't live w/o, I would suggest you try a different ROM :)

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