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[1st Gen] Rooted, now what?

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  1. psousa781

    psousa781 Well-Known Member

    I rooted my KF, but now I'm not sure how to proceed. I would like to have the TWRP recovery and then start trying some ROMs, but what do I need to do to get there? After rooting, what are the next steps someone should take?

  2. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    Instal twrp and do a backup before you really play with anything...

    And then do a fresh backup before any major change until you get a bunch then you can just backup whenever you get it to a point that you want to be able to go back to. You can't backup too much really. I archive backups to the computer to save should I need to revert.

    Now that you're rooted you can install the android market, use programs like quick boot and root explorer, get your wallpaper to stay when you change it and of course run custom roms like cm or ics when you get brave enough.

    I left ours pretty mild because it's my wife's. All I wanted was ofr her to have a good launcher and android market so she could use it as a tablet and a reader. being able to make a live wallpaper stick was a nice bonus but she didn't really care about that. If it was mine it would already be running the alpha ics build but that's just me. She could care less about that.
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  3. psousa781

    psousa781 Well-Known Member

    Do I need to mess with the FFF bootloader or anything? Everything I've rooted before was very simple and straightforward, it seems things are a little more complicated with the KF due to the lack of physical buttons.
  4. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    The only time you mess with fff is if you want to select the recovery during a boot. It should install on your kf when you root it though. I'm pretty sure it has to be on there whether you use it or not. Personally, I use Quick Boot and boot directly to recovery when I want to do something there. The lack of hard buttons on the kf does make it challenging for sure. It's another reason twrp 2 is perfect for it because it works with the touch screen.

    The interface during the rooting procedure is a little rough around the edges still on the kf but that's also because it's still pretty new. I wouldn't be surprised to see something like revolutionary eventually for it if it keeps gaining in popularity. It really is a great tablet and an awesome value for what you get.
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  5. KX4SAM

    KX4SAM Well-Known Member

    Google Kindle Fire Utility. It sets up ADB, roots, installs TWRP. Even install Google apps.
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  6. psousa781

    psousa781 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I have adb up and running, and I am rooted, just not sure what the next logical step is. Sounds like installing TWRP is the way to go. I would just use adb to reboot to recovery after that? Thanks again for the help.
  7. danrube

    danrube New Member

    Anyone know if Kindle Fire Utility & TWRP recovery work after root 6.2.2 (I used both Kindle Fire Utility TWRP) when I was on 6.2.1 when 6.2.2 updated I have not seen any talk how to add back the Kindle Fire Utility & TWRP...

    I am rooted and full access no Kindle Fire Utility or TWRP recovery work?

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