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  1. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    Just picked up my LG-P500 here in Italy. So far, like the way it feels as well as the 2.2 handles. I'm still trying to work around in the Anroid world having just moved on from Nokia S60. :)

    As I play with the phone more, I'm glad for the forums to be able to search for some answers. If there is anything that you would like me to discuss, just ask as I'm trying to test the capabilities of Android.

  2. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    I took the same night shot between the P500 no flash and Nokia N95 5mp w/flash and will try to post it as soon as I can. They look very good so far.
  3. cheaplikeafox

    cheaplikeafox Member

    Do you recommend Android over Symbian S60?

    I have a nokia nuron but it always freezes up when I surf the web and it always displays that I have low memory. I'm looking to move towards this android phone if it's worth it.

    Also, how is the call quality? People said there is a slight hissing sound in the background.

    Is the wifi reception with it good?

  4. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    So far, I like the Android system. It takes some time to get used to. I'm not sure about the call quality difference. I'm using WIND, Italian provider so really use it for short calls and the internet. It's different system than Symbian (had a N95, N97, E63, E72) and one that I'm still trying to figure out. So far, I'm happy with it.
  5. thangbbi2005

    thangbbi2005 New Member

    moved from lg ally
    optimus is so much better and cheaper
  6. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    I like the call quality and have not had any issues with it. The ringer/vibration function is one that I am tinkering with. I use the wi-fi as a hotspot and it works great with my laptop as I don't have internet at home right now.
  7. 2ndHalfCor

    2ndHalfCor Well-Known Member

    Just my 2 cents. I was a long time Blackberry user and went from a 9700 to a myTouch Slide. It was a good phone, but too heavy and wouldn't do voice dialing over Bluetooth. I went back to the 9700. Then, I bought a Samsung Vibrant. Great phone, but too big and I hated the lack of hardware buttons. Oh, and it won't dial over Bluetooth either. Went back to the 9700. Just got my LG Optimus T yesterday and so far, I think this one's a keeper. It's only a little bigger than my 9700 (fits in the same pouch). I don't mind the smaller screen. It dials over Bluetooth (but poorly so far!). I really like it. This is the best Android phone I've had. Reviews keep calling it "entry level." Ok, if you say so, but it suits me much better than the great big "super phones" and is a much better replacement for the Blackberry 9700.
  8. awesomest_pangster

    awesomest_pangster New Member

    I'm using LG optimus one recently and i think it's kind of hard to handle for a newbie in android, :/.
  9. 2ndHalfCor

    2ndHalfCor Well-Known Member

    Android is a huge change from, say, a Blackberry. There is a learning curve. Expect to spend some time reading the manual and perusing the forums. This is true for any Android device. I think the LG Optimus T is a little easier than either the myTouch Slide or the Vibrant, but in my opinion, no Android device is intuitive out of the box.
  10. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    There is a learning curve but one that you'll actually enjoy delving into because of the way you can customize your phone. The big things are the apps that you can use for ringtones, games, time management, etc.
  11. keith-x

    keith-x New Member

    Ideal phone for jumping in to the Androworld!

    And i think it is the best first android phone you can get for a novice user in android os.
    Foe example i had for some years Sony ericsson phones easy to use and sharing media.
    In the android phone you just have to forget almost everything you now about other phones and how to operate them.
    An Android phone is a palm pc in a way with numbers so you can make calls ...
  12. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    I to went from a BB 9700 to the Opitums T. And I too at one time had MyTouch Slide (however, I LOVED that phone).

    But I must say that the Optimus T is a great phone. I've had no complaints about it all. I just updated it this morning thru the LG Updater and It's a bit faster and has the newer Gmail app on it.

    Great, great phone for the price.

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