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  1. VegasLakers

    VegasLakers Member

    I have had the phone for about an hour and I have yet to get 3g. Is this not a 3g phone? My friend has 3g on her cricket phone so whats up?

  2. 0DD

    0DD Well-Known Member

    Mine gets 3G. No idea why yours wouldn't. Try dialing *228 is all I can suggest
  3. ZeeWeezy

    ZeeWeezy New Member

    When I first got my phone I had this same issue. I took the back of my phone off and saw that at the bottom they had not taken off the clear film over what I'm guessing to be the antenna. Once I removed it I turned off the phone then turned it back on and had 3G.
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  4. r1t1l3n

    r1t1l3n New Member

    Try restarting it or turning airplane mode on/off

    I have heard that some phone can get stuck on 1x for a limited amount of time.

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