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2.1 audio video out of syncSupport

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  1. goomba

    goomba Active Member

    I updated my Spica to 2.1 recently using the unofficial method, meaning I loaded a 2.1 ROM (JCE) using Odin. I love 2.1, everything looks and feels great, but all my videos, which played fine when I was still running 1.5 are out of sync. There's like a 1 to 2 second delay. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

    I've tried restoring it to factory settings. I don't think it's an issue with the apps that I have installed since I tried playing videos before and after installing apps.

    Players I've tried: Meridian, default video player and Act1

    FW Version : 2.1-update 1

    Your thoughts?

  2. krusedull

    krusedull New Member

    I have the exact same problem. Video and sound is out of sync when i play unconverted movies, movies converted to 480x320, via youtube or the TEDtalks-app. I have tried playback when the phone is fresh from restart. No apps running and 80 megs of free memory availabla.

    My phone is running i570EXXCJ1 / ECLAIR.XXJCF

    Anyone else have this problem or know how to resolve it? I'm guessing it's a software problem since the i5700 comes with out-of-the-box divx and xvid capabilities. This is partially why I bought the phone in the first place. The phone is brand new and not rooted.
  3. goomba

    goomba Active Member

    My guess is the FW version. I'm going to try other versions and see what works best. I just want to get this fixed, it's very irritating...
  4. krusedull

    krusedull New Member

    I have flashed to JD4 without any luck. Then installed Leshack's rooted JD1, still no luck. I've tested a variety of video convertion programs and different codecs, resolutions and bitrates and I still had the sync problem.

    Then I randomly tried watching an un-converted 672x272 Xvid-coded version of "The Hangover" on my phone. No lag. Same with a un-converted copy of "The Royal Tenebaums".

    Is the Spica very picky about codecs? It seems like it. I've tried to convert several movies to Xvid with different resolutions and FPS. Not once did I succeed in getting rid of the sync problem. If anyone knows what codecs or programs is best suited for converting videos for this phone, please share!?
  5. nailz

    nailz Active Member

    Any more info on this problem? My droid is exactly the same.

    Is it the codec?

    @krusedull; 672x272 Xvid, vid bitrate? sound bitrate (mp3)?
  6. ltemby

    ltemby New Member

    Your not alone having the same problem here too, using realplayer and its all a fraction of a second out of sync, has anybody in the android development world picked this up yet????
  7. DougHagler

    DougHagler New Member

    For me, audio lags behind video on my Motorola Droid at the point of recording. Without uploading and playing directly from the camera it's bad. It's also random in that it doesn't happen every time.

    See here for an example: Commute Cam Contest: Winner Gets a Free Pizza! icanhasgrace

    I use my phone for a vlog almost daily. I so want this fixed!
  8. goomba

    goomba Active Member

    I haven't tried flashing another FW on my Spica because I lost my notebook. One solution that I can see is for a developer to allow manually configuring the audio and video sync. Anyone familiar with SmartMovie from the folks at Lonelycatgames? That Symbian app can do just that.

    That's just a workaround because if this is happening to non-Samsung phones too then it's gotta be Android...

    Has anyone played videos without encountering the a/v sync issue with this phone? Care to let us know what FW you're running?
  9. hbreardon

    hbreardon New Member

    Has anyone had any success with getting the audio and video to sync? I have a Samsung Fascinate and the audio lags pretty bad. Tried it on the Samsung Tablet running 2.2 and it lags as well. Went to the Verizon store and tried on a Droid X - same problem. I was working with a DVD Catalyst developer trying to figure this issue out - he gave me this link to videos he encoded that are supposed to work but no luck: MP4 Streaming Server
  10. KRONOZ

    KRONOZ New Member

    Same problem here, My converted video seems fine in the computer but after I put it on my phone the audio is out of sync.
    Could someone please post if they have found a solution. Thanks in advance.

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