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  1. geeshock

    geeshock Member

    Has anyone noticed that if you use the default 2.1 browser in landscape mode, then select your bookmarks you get some god awful 3D coverflow type bookmark selection screen? I get a much nicer selection screen in portrait mode.

    It's pretty ugly and slow so it makes me think samsung put it there, so how would I go about removing or disabling it?

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  2. geeshock

    geeshock Member

    Just me then :confused:
  3. Zargon

    Zargon Well-Known Member

    You can set it to 'list' or something via the menu. I did it, so it's possible!
  4. dmok

    dmok Member

    I can set it to List only in portrait mode. In landscape mode it is always that annoying 3D preview, and there is no menu available.
  5. Zargon

    Zargon Well-Known Member

    Actually, yeah you're right.

    It's a useless format - no idea why they used it.

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