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  1. Music

    Music Member

    Ever since I downloaded the new update for my backflip my phone has been so slow its crazy. it takes a few minutes for any application to load.. sometimes it doesn't let me answer my calls. what should I do?

  2. mcsix93

    mcsix93 New Member

    I found it best to do a factory reset after the upgrade to 2.1. Then re-install your apps one by one to see if any are slowing it down. Are you using handcent by chance? I found it caused my phone to lag when answering calls. I removed it and it seems to by fine now.
  3. Music

    Music Member

    Okay. I am doing that now.
  4. chadkassinger

    chadkassinger New Member

    factory reset does help. my phone was running slow and thats what i did and its running perfect if not better than before the update

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