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2.1 out... for Hero!General

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  1. oxfordmark

    oxfordmark Well-Known Member

    Its out now for the G2

  2. mr-zee

    mr-zee Active Member

    it certainly is. My phone has been updated this afternoon.
  3. Geoponic

    Geoponic Well-Known Member

    haha I've been manually checking my phone since end of june. :')

    do oyu guys think it's a bit...unfinished.

    I have 'desk clock' and 'clock' both the exact same thing

    and 'search people' seems ridiculous to me...

    I still LUFF the new 2.1 though.

    first time using it y'see
  4. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    Got it. It's niiiice!!
  5. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    I've just tried out Google Navigation --> c-o-o-l :D
  6. treesurfer78

    treesurfer78 Member

    Wish I could join the club... :/
  7. mr-zee

    mr-zee Active Member

  8. mr-zee

    mr-zee Active Member

    Yeah, I reckon it was worth the wait. Still playing with all the features.
  9. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    Bluetooth problem: It's refusing to connect to my headset :(
  10. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Active Member

    Anyone getting the problem of Facebook display pictures not appearing with contacts? And also when you add a new contact you can't link it with a facebook friend?
  11. AstroDonut

    AstroDonut Well-Known Member

    Yep, I noticed that, I'll try turning it off and back on again :)
    Piemanpm likes this.
  12. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Active Member

    Cheers, hopefully the next update will get rid of some icons that aint needed :p
  13. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Active Member

    Hmm, seems to have semi worked. When I click the refresh icon in the contact I want to link. It brings it up. But only to contacts A,B,C,D.

    - Edit -

    Solved, you just have to wait a while
  14. treesurfer78

    treesurfer78 Member

    Haven't received an update or anything yet, fella.
  15. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Active Member

    Try the whole putting the date on your phone forward a month.
    CraigPaterson likes this.
  16. CraigPaterson

    CraigPaterson New Member

    Putting the date forward worked for me 2.1 installed and running.
  17. Artaq

    Artaq Active Member

    Well had it for over a day now and find that the memory is being used up fast by the system re startig apps like Footprints, Peep and messages just after I kill the them. They just will not stay unloaded. So I have like 50m left of system memory and that gets used up fast by the other apps I use. Used to have at least 100m on the old 1.5.

    Anyone else notice this, or is is not an issue I should not worry about.
  18. AstroDonut

    AstroDonut Well-Known Member

    I noticed a rapid memory usage... mainly because I installed a load of apps that weren't available cos I was on 1.5!!
  19. thelanelady

    thelanelady Member

    If I change the date will I need to check for 2.1, if so how do I do this, or will I get a message automatically - how soon will I get message once date changed....

    (Does 2.1 allow bluetooth file transfer??)

    I know there are soooo many questions....

    thank you

  20. Artaq

    Artaq Active Member

    Once you set the clock forward <settings> <date and time> to say another month you should get the message instantly. Accept the down load and let the phone reboot fully. Once that happend on mine, I got a new message to upgrade again to the full update.
    Should also now work with blue tooth as well.
  21. yabadaba

    yabadaba Member

    Hmm, I put my month forward to August and straight away a message came up to do a system update. I did this and the phone updated and then rebooted, but it's still on version 1.5. This partial update has given me the 'System software update' menu, but when I click on 'Check now' it tells me that my phone is up to date. Any ideas on how to coax it to download the actual 2.1 update?
  22. Artaq

    Artaq Active Member

    Did you reset the time back to todays date say. Reboot and check again after?
  23. yabadaba

    yabadaba Member

    Well it seemed to reset itself back to the correct date after the update, but I did try putting the date forward again and then back to the auto setting, but with no luck. I'll try messing with the date again, combined with a reboot or two, later.
  24. I still have not received the pre-update notification. I have changed the date to a month forward, but still nothing...its been a few weeks and i have changed the date so many times!

    Any suggestions?
  25. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    What's the build number of your current ROM?

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