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'2.1' to '2.2 with fastboot' instructions?Support

  1. 0tt0maddox

    0tt0maddox Member

    Hi, I just used the Everything root CM7 thread and it states that you need 2.2, as opposed to 2.1, to use fastboot. It gives instructions to install 2.1 with KDZ, but then says that to install updates you just use fastboot...?

    I'm now running the 2.1 update, and I'm assuming that means I don't have fastboot. So how do I get to 2.2 with fastboot from here??

    I've looked around quite a bit, but can't find the right info. Can help out? Or send me a link please?

    I'm sure it's simple, I'm just struggling to find what I need.



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