2.1 update killed phone

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  1. tattootodd

    tattootodd New Member

    I updated and now i cannot recieve calls or send texts...will not hard reset to 1.6 now...T-mobile has no clue how to fix it..any ideas?

  2. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    I'd raise hell until they switch for a new phone. It took a few calls to 611 and climbing the ladder to talk to a corporate manager who sent me a new phone free of charge to get the solution I needed.
  3. bluetwo

    bluetwo Member

    When I uninstalled mine I erased the 2.1 data off my memory card then reset. It wasn't hard, just a little time consuming, considering I went by the directions on the Motorolla website and tried to follow every detail. It's not complicate but I probably made it more painful myself for being thorough.
  4. Bizurke

    Bizurke New Member

    This is an issue with the device and not a problem T-Mobile will handle. If this was done via an official 2.1 update then it is under warranty still. Mine got bricked after the 2.1 update and Moto sent me a refurbished handset free of charge.

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