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  1. mtmoore

    mtmoore New Member

    When my hero was on 1.5, normal stereo headphones attached worked a-ok if I used the toggleheadset app.

    Now I have upgraded to 2.1, when I attach the headphones it automatically detects them but sends the volume down to vibrate... if I try to increase the volume using the volume switch it either tries to increase but forces it back down again or shoots up to maximum...

    Anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it?

    I have removed the toggle app above, and I have restarted the phone.

    Also, when I attached the headphones sometimes the phone just goes into vibrate mode and stays that way... i.e. it just continoulsy vibrates until I press the home key.

    At any rate, I cannot adjust the volume properly.

    Help! :)

  2. mtmoore

    mtmoore New Member

    Worked it out myself, settings, Sound & display, turn off Quiet ring on pickup. Bit daft that but it works

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