2.2 for charmSupport

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  1. theguy155

    theguy155 New Member

    i heard this can be done now, anyone have 2.2 on theirs? anyone know how to do it?

  2. crocodoyle

    crocodoyle Member

    Bahhh i want some kind of update!
  3. Chahk

    Chahk Member

    As far as I know, the bootloader on CHARM is still locked, so we can't flash ROMs that haven't been signed by Motorola.

    Actually, forget 2.2! I'd be happy with a Blur-less official ROM.
  4. Bubble_Head

    Bubble_Head Member

    I'll take Froyo on the Charm with or without Motoblur, unless someone is planning another Froyo phone on T-Mobile with a BlackBerry form factor.
  5. chenlong

    chenlong New Member

    I come from china ! I need help .you can help me ? I neeed moto charm 2.2 rom .But i can't found and my english is not good.could you help me found ? My phone name is ME 502 or MB 502 !
  6. manbuzhanchang

    manbuzhanchang New Member

    I am also from China - -
  7. liushould

    liushould Member

    The news is not true 2.2rom Will never come I'm not good at speaking English

    I still use Chinese.
    2.2 不是真的哦 在中国的论坛也有传言 不过么 没解锁 我们也不能啊 强烈鄙视摩托官方 从moto e8开始就非常厌恶moto的这种做法 到现在简直对moto有些失望了
  8. liushould

    liushould Member

    From china too haha
    i meet three Compatriots
    so funny!!

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