2.2 Froyo (GAOSP) on the i7500?

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  1. voodoochild16

    voodoochild16 Well-Known Member

    Is there a tutorial on how to put Froyo on the Samsung Galaxy i7500?. I've searched all over Google only finding sources indicating that it's possible to do, without explaining or giving a link towards a tutorial on how to do it. I've seen videos on youtube of people booting froyo on their Galaxy's... no links to how to do it on there either!. Any tips will be greatly appreciated!.

  2. nuke777

    nuke777 Well-Known Member

    froyo 2.2?? u r an optimist my friend.
  3. voodoochild16

    voodoochild16 Well-Known Member

    Ok i mean just froyo.. if thats 2.3 or whatever, im not exactly sure. But im sure you know what i mean... Froyo.. the almighty firmware for the popular Android phone OS made by Google. Is there any tutorials out there to put Froyo on the Samsung Galaxy (i7500)?.
  4. Shorrack

    Shorrack Well-Known Member

  5. voodoochild16

    voodoochild16 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Shorrack. So how do you like Froyo so far with this nightly release for the galaxy?. Is it pretty stable?. So I suppose by following the first tutorial in the first link you then take one of the nightly builds and use the same methods in the first tutorial to install froyo?. I've installed 1.6 on the android before using galaxo, but im just curious, i am still a noob at this kind of lol but smarter than most haha thanks man.
  6. dryhte

    dryhte Well-Known Member

    Pretty stable for me, I've been on it exclusively since the previous nightly (18 september or so, haven't looked back). I only wish I could get bluetooth to work (both bluetooth ftp and bluetooth phone don't work for me).

    Drakaz is working on the BT thingy, I guess he'll fix that before he releases beta3.

    EDIT: however, even though I love the galaxy with GAOSP, I've been playing with a HTC Desire with 'official' 2.2 ROM and there's a world of difference between this and that. I still wish I'd waited a little longer and payed a little (!) more for the Desire.
  7. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    For some is stable (I'm in that group). You can give it a go, but before installing do a Nandroid back up just in case it isn't working for you or you're unsatisfied for some reason.
    Anyway we're waiting patiently for Beta 3 release or maybe the next nightly.
  8. Shorrack

    Shorrack Well-Known Member

    I've only tested the latest nightly that it works and looks nice, waiting on the beta3 I guess(porting my darktheme for it when it comes :p).
  9. maurinet

    maurinet Well-Known Member

    The easiest way of installing GAOSP or Galaxo, and to support Drakaz, is to use Drakaz's app "Galaxy Updater", you can buy it in the market for 2.5 euros and it does everything with one click (download newest nightly or galaxo version and recovery, install newest recovery and install the custom rom of your election), totally worth it!!!
  10. bhappyharsha

    bhappyharsha Well-Known Member

    How much does it cost in Indian Rupees??

    Sri Harsha.
  11. korsu

    korsu Active Member

    Except rooting, of course?

    Sri Harsha:
    2.50 EUR=155.174 INR
  12. maurinet

    maurinet Well-Known Member

  13. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

  14. 500ef

    500ef Member

    I have a i7500L (Brazil) since 2009 December.

    Yesterday I picked up some courage and rooted / updated to GAOSP.

    The proccess is very simple.

    To root, I followed this step-by-step (ubuntu): [Galaxy i7500] simple rooting guide (without Galaxo/Galaxhero roms) | Android Wiki

    After that, I bought GalaxyUpdater from market and, first, update to GALAXO, just to know how it is (and it is really fast). And then, to the last GAOSP nighlybuild (100% usable for me, and with much more improvements, but slower than galaxo).

    Until now, I'm very happy with my "new phone" with GAOSP. Now I'm thinking about to buy one external card and allow compache, just to see if it improves the overall performance.
  15. korsu

    korsu Active Member

    So I encouraged myself and started to root my device using easyroot. All went ok, but after 2-WINDOWS-Tools.bat(don
  16. Jackco

    Jackco Well-Known Member

    galaxyupdater from drakaz runs on the phone and does everything for you...such convenience. :)
  17. korsu

    korsu Active Member

    So no separate rooting procedure required? What a relief, I
  18. specjr

    specjr Member

    I'm still afraid to try to update to 2.2 for my i7500l :(
  19. Jackco

    Jackco Well-Known Member

    if you are ok with 1.5, why change it?

    My phone felt so slow, I couldnt resist trying it. Now, its brand new and starting to love it.

    But now I've tried the galaxy S, that machine is sexy. :D
  20. weasel

    weasel Well-Known Member

    specjr: I sort of felt like that when I went to flash on 1.6. Once I got over that, on went Galaxo. Didn't take too long for GAOSP to appear. Just hold your breath and go for it. It sounds intimidating, but in the end its easier than it sounds. Enjoy !
  21. korsu

    korsu Active Member

    I tried rooting with SuperOneClick, failed. Tried few times with Easyroot, but there must be something I do wrong. I don
  22. vovorine

    vovorine New Member

    So i7500 is able to upgrade to froyo?
    After upgrade, does the i7500 has full flash support?
    If there is a way to upgrade i7500 by rooting, is this method available for other mobile phone like Galaxy 5?
  23. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    -- Yes, by using ODIN, Just grab any of your formwares from here. You have to work on the drivers first though.
  24. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

  25. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    First things first.

    If you're thinking on official update to Froyo from Sam*censored then "NO".
    But thanks to Drakaz and his team the Galaxy (i7500) is on its way to receive Froyo. Be warned, Froyo for Galaxy, aka GAOSP by Drakaz is still in progress (Nightly releases only) - still waiting for Beta 3 - but stable enough. BT doesn't work yet (making and receiving calls) like it should, but one day it will.

    Flash is a "NO", already wrote by sqx100 in his post above.
    For that use Skyfire browser or get yourself another phone.

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