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  1. BMWBig6

    BMWBig6 Member

    When I open Gallery, it immediately closes (it never displays any photos or thumbnails).

    I added some .nomedia files to my SD card (to hide album art from showing up in Gallery), and that's when Gallery refused to open. It just immediately closes/disappears anytime I try and open Gallery.

    I'm trying to avoid a factory reset if possible. Here's what I have tried so far:

    • Cleared data/cache for Gallery app (at Settings>applications>manage applications>menu button>filter>all>gallery>clear data and clear cache). Problem still persists. I tried to repeat this, and now the Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons are both grayed out even after I force close Gallery.

    • Removed the files under: SD Card\Android\data\com.android.providers.media\albumthumbs

    • Removed SD Card\DCIM\.thumbnails directory

    • Removed all photos from the gallery and see if it still crashes. I manually deleted the DCIM folder, and snapped a couple test photos to force the recreation of the DCIM folder. I can view Camera Roll from the camera app, but Gallery still refuses to open.

    • I have also booted to recovery mode and noticed the following error: "E: Can't open /cache/recovery/command" From recovery, I used the "Wipe cache partition" utility, rebooted, and Gallery still won't open.

    What else can I try? I'm at a loss here. I see a file called "thumbnailScale.trace" but am afraid to delete that.

  2. BMWBig6

    BMWBig6 Member

    OMG, I fixed it! I installed a 3rd party app (3D Gallery), opened and played around with it a few times, and on a whim went back to the stock Android Gallery app and it magically resumed working again!

    LESSON: Do not monkey around with .nomedia files.
  3. dfg138

    dfg138 New Member

    My Droid x has started doing the same thing. I have not messed around with anything. What 3rd party software did you use to fix?
  4. stereoeclectic

    stereoeclectic Well-Known Member

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