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  1. hp942

    hp942 Member

    I signed on to my motoblur account yesterday and it said I had an update waiting. Clicked on the link and it sent it to my phone. Neat new features.

  2. beledi

    beledi Well-Known Member

    Am downloading now!
  3. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Yup, I got it late last night. Can't wait to try it out!
  4. walterbyrd

    walterbyrd Active Member

    Any way to get the upgrade if motoblur is disabled?
  5. MCFarmfresh

    MCFarmfresh Member

    I've been on 2.2 now for about a week and am loving it. you have to put phone back to stock b for the upgrade can be successful. This means putting back any bloat that was deleted. And undoing it any other modifications to the phone. After I had gotten my phone back to what I thought was stock I was still getting an error when I tried to install it. It was a problem with my build.Prop file in /system. Anyway xda has a lot of support for getting the upgrade going.

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