2.2 Orange HTC Desire Issues UK

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  1. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

    Hey, thought I would start a thread of any issues that crop up with the new update now it's finally here. I think we ought to report them to HTC or Orange (Although when I sent message to HTC got the most broken english response that did not solve an issue)

    So far I have had issue with the messaging app when searching for a message. I type a word in the search, it brings up a list of messages with that word, I click on the message of choice, and it force closes. Anyone else got this issue?

    Also, on Youtube widget, at first it had connection issues, it now works, but displays subscriptions I have already watched. Anyone else got this issue also?

    Post any bugs you have noticed and lets get them sorted!

  2. flashsam

    flashsam Well-Known Member

    I updated to orange 2.2 the other day and apart from my WiFi hotspot not working everything else is much better.

    I tried the search message problem you mentioned but it worked fine for me. No force closes at all.
  3. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

    I have yet to try the WiFi hotspot, what issues are you having with it?

    The message i get with the message search issue is "The application Messages (process com.android.mms) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
  4. J4M13

    J4M13 Member

    Do orange HTC Desire users only get 3G+ as the fastest internet? Some wildfire friends get H but on different networks.
  5. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

    As I understand it, H is the same as 3G+, Orange just choose to use 3G+ symbol.
  6. Elsie

    Elsie Active Member

    All ok with Orange on Froyo apart from the WiFi hotspot not working.
  7. J4M13

    J4M13 Member

    My WiFi hotspot thing doesn't work either, my pc connects to it but no internet access
  8. knoxy5000

    knoxy5000 Member

    I suspect that the wifi hotspot doesn't work as orange will have disabled it as they more than likely want you to buy a dongle from them instead :confused:
  9. Phenomenological

    Phenomenological Well-Known Member

    I can guarantee orange disabled wifi hotspot as they don't want you using their network for such devious purposes. :rolleyes:
  10. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    ....but the official Orange press release said that the Hotspot feature was being included in their update.

    In Settings there's an option to turn the Hotspot on, but there's another set of options for Hotspot settings. Maybe you need to turn it on and change other settings.....?
  11. blakey

    blakey Member

    wifi hotspot connects but no internet access
    Bluetooth will pair but not stay connected to anything
    Weather widget freezes on update
    Scrolling on internet pages is much slower
    youtube over 3g wont load videos but fine on Wifi
    Not impressed at all,
    In fact
    after 16 years with orange off to vodaphone as soon as this contract ends. Totally disillusioned
  12. aragon12

    aragon12 Member

    Hotspot not working
  13. croyde

    croyde Well-Known Member

    My Hotspot was not working either but I am psting this on my Mac connected to my HTC Hotspot as I clicked on manage users and then clicked on my computer's name in the connected users box.

    Try it and let me know if this was a fluke or not?
  14. LeahH2O

    LeahH2O New Member

    Blakey, I have also noticed much slower scrolling on web pages.
  15. MH75

    MH75 Well-Known Member

    Web scrolling does seem slower and not as smooth.

    For some reason every message I have has been doubled!
  16. madmonk

    madmonk Well-Known Member

    Market won't launch despite reset. not a clue. going to have to factory reset.

    "Manage applications" crashes.
    My apps 3g watchdog and startup cleaner also crashed.

    however recent data connection problems totally gone.
  17. buddy1983

    buddy1983 Well-Known Member

    I have this issue too. Cant get you tube to work right at all
  18. ossey

    ossey New Member

    1) Hotspot not connects to PC but not to the internet
    2) Text messages have duplicated.
  19. Elsie

    Elsie Active Member

    Reckon it must have been a fluke!

    If i click on "managed users" I get to see the IP and MAC address of the gadget trying to connect with an "OK" button. Hit that and still don't get any traffic to the end device.

    If I have "Allowed users only" ticked, then the other gadgets cannot even connect to the Desire. I wonder if we should be doing something to add MAC addresses to make them "Allowed users" but I can't see anything that would do this?
  20. deeplyconfused

    deeplyconfused Active Member

    Hotspot not working...
  21. mfraser

    mfraser Member

    The only thing I've found so far is that I've got another app I don't want - Flashlight.
  22. aragon12

    aragon12 Member

    For everyone with hotspot issues

    I have the same issue, called orange and spoke to level 2 tech and was told they had been recieving hundreds of calls since the upgrade to 2.2 with the callers not able to recieve data through wifi hotspot i.e. the problem we are all having.

    This issue has been referred to HTC and orange are waiting to find out just whats gone wrong. My guess orange have 'broken' the hotspot wifi feature while customizing the ROM and can not figure out how they have induced the error.

    Tech. confirmed that the hotspot feature should be working without any additional fee and they have not intentionally disabled it.

    Lets sit tight and hope for a software update soon!
  23. Das_Jeeb

    Das_Jeeb Well-Known Member

    Why, when i go in to my text messages, have all my contact names got numbers beside them? Is that the number of messages in the thread or something completely random?
  24. croyde

    croyde Well-Known Member

    it is the number of messages.

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