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2.2 Orange HTC Desire Issues UK

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  1. srhplover

    srhplover Well-Known Member

    @Blakey and LeahH20

    If you turn plug-ins to "on demand" you should find that things improve (Internet - more - settings - scroll down to enable plug-ins and change from "always on"). This seems to be another Flash related problem.

  2. JudithPrietht

    JudithPrietht Well-Known Member

    just checked - get the same thing here.

    as previously mentioned; the slow internet scrolling is a flash bug, and doing as the previous poster suggested sorted it for me
  3. daza

    daza Member

    Everything working well on my Desire since the update, only thing is the WiFi Hotspot, connects ok, but no Internet connection, Orange advised they are looking into this
  4. blakey

    blakey Member

    Are you kidding ? That's one of it's best features. Very handy inmo
  5. Marquis of Gin

    Marquis of Gin New Member

    Hi new to this so nice to meet you all. Since updating to 2.2 I've noticed that it won't let me scroll through internet search images very well. Half the time it seems to completely hang and I have to use the home button to get out. The update does seem to have cured my phones not turning off bug though.
  6. Das_Jeeb

    Das_Jeeb Well-Known Member

  7. Missing_Link

    Missing_Link Well-Known Member

    After the upgrade my battery was going down as I watched it. I fixed that problem by removing some suspect apps (battery monitor, combined battery/sdcard/phone mem widget) and then did the HTC-advised recharge cycle (8hrs phone on, 1hr phone off, 2 min wait, 1hr phone on) and it's worked BRILLIANTY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    After that, I reinstalled the apps and it's all hunky dory... apart from the fact the new USB tethering gets an IP address and doesn't connect to the internet (same for hotspot). I'd guess it's all the same issue ?. A real bummer because when it used to be called "internet sharing" under 2.1 it worked a treat - I even managed run a Citrix session from my office on it :)

    Deffo do the battery cycle thing and remove and re-apply those widgets. It makes a world of difference. I couldn't believe it myself...
  8. Stucky

    Stucky Well-Known Member

    I think it's an excellent little app. I used to have a small, but still fairly bulky torch on my keyring as where I live isn't best lit.
  9. LisaMoran23

    LisaMoran23 New Member

    Anyone got an update on wifi hotspot? mines still not working

    anyone else noticed the orange problem phoneline is not longer 24 hour... great
  10. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    Anyone got the full radio version number?
  11. drunken jedi

    drunken jedi Member

    How do you find that out??
  12. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    Settings>About phone>Software information>Baseband version
  13. drunken jedi

    drunken jedi Member
  14. robin4648

    robin4648 New Member

    Anyone having any issues with the screen lock since upgrading to 2.2?
    I got my update yesterday and now when I "Drag down to unlock", the slider bar will often bounce back up or stick halfway off the screen - I can eventually get it to unlock after a slight delay, but it takes many attempts. Annoying when your alarm is going off in the morning!
  15. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

  16. htc desire 2.2

    htc desire 2.2 New Member

    hi, I have an issue when I'm writing an sms message.. mid way through typing the screen jumps up to the top of the conversation and I have to scroll down to see what I'm typing. This happens quite regularly and I didn't notice the problem before the update although I didn't have the phone very long prior to 2.2.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know of a cure?

  17. androyd42

    androyd42 Member

  18. multey

    multey New Member

    I have jsut spent 55 mins on the phone to orange and they have no idea on HTC or any problem solving...that is after you have spent most of the time trying to explain the problem to a call centre overseas, and then eventually the UK based engineer has now solution or idea of a problem with the update on the desire.......waste of time..

    called HTC straight through to a teckie and they are helpful but still dont know how to solve the problem arrh....

    ran update and all appears fine apart from my own calendar has gone and only the forced google account is available, and I can not add a new calendar either .......

    any ideas or help would be good...

    thanks for reading my rantings but i just want my calandar back!
    it cant be that hard.....can it!?
  19. pookgai

    pookgai Member

    hi all,

    I got my froyo update on orange - I sent it in for repair a few weeks back (random crashing) and they've loaded the new 2.2 update.

    i've had it for a couple of days now, and have noticed :

    1. scrolling through my pics in the gallery is much slower ; pics load as i scroll slowly, then need to reload again if i scroll a few pages down and scroll back

    2. facebook stream app; FB status messages are also slow when scrolling down - all messages used to be instant, but now it takes a few moments for the actual FB status updates to appear as i scoll down, and up

    3. handcent - messages take a few moments to show the sending state (never used the stock message app, but it again also seems to take a few moments to send (shows a "please wait" pop up.

    4. web links also take a few moments before the browser even tries loading it

    in summary, the phone doesnt feel as slick as it used to on 2.1...or they may have knackered up my phone when they were repairing it. is anyone else having these similar probs??? its driving me nuts (i'm an impatient man)
  20. Marquis of Gin

    Marquis of Gin New Member

    I've exactly same issue, don't know of a fix though. Phone seemed generally smoother before update.
  21. blakey

    blakey Member

    Has anyone noticed that the update screws the blue tooth up? The first phone was fine till the update then bluetooth wouldn't stay connected to anything for very long, got a replacement which I updated straight away before I did anything else and this one did the same. Orange performed an OTA diagnostic on both fones and detected a fault. Got another one comming tomorrow and am reluctant to update it if it's a common problem and not a coincidence.
  22. psyxologos

    psyxologos Well-Known Member

    I have had no problems with 2.2 so far (after a day's worth of use)
  23. Narbs

    Narbs Member

    Not tried the hot spot yet ,all things seem ok ,battery life seems to have got worse , it fried my calendar so got to re input my info. Bar that fingers crossed running alright
  24. geordie_ben

    geordie_ben Member

    Did you have to root to remove the apps?

    any chance you could provide a detailed step by step guide of doing this? my battery life is flipping shocking at the moment!
  25. blakey

    blakey Member

    Got new Phone no.3 and guess what ? Blue tooth screwed and wifi and tether have no internet access ! F$*k you orange I'm debranding and installing an un-Orange molested rom. This is deffinately a software issue, Orange have ballsed it up cos they wont leave well alone.

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