2.2 Orange HTC Desire Issues UK

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  1. geordie_ben

    geordie_ben Member

    For anyone having text message duplications there's a quick fix using a free app

    it's called SMS Backup & Restore

    Very simple to use:
    ~install the app
    ~delete messages
    ~click yes when it asked if you want to scan and remove duplicates

    Job done :)

  2. croyde

    croyde Well-Known Member


    Now have just shot a load of video in 720p but on playback its very jerky. No its not me as I do this for a living.

  3. JudithPrietht

    JudithPrietht Well-Known Member


    it's really annoying, only just noticed it the other day. makes browsing pictures on the phone virtually useless. before the update they all loaded instantly and remained so as you scrolled back and forth, now it's just countless grey boxes, then *waaaaiting* as they load :mad:
  4. Missing_Link

    Missing_Link Well-Known Member

    Hi Ben,

    My phone is not rooted - I simply de-installed the apps likely to cause problems (highlighted by kind people on here) and rebooted, installed them after following this charging process. I did wait for a bit before installing them, just to see if the charge suggestion worked... and it did. Re-installing the apps hasn't screwed it up either.

    Prior to the Froyo upgrade I removed the Advanced Task Killer. I did try post upgrade but the tasks kept restarting themselves so I removed it. I don't use it at all now.


    This isn't new info, but it's worth repeating... To recover your battery do the following:

    1. Charge for at leasr 8hrs with the phone switched on.
    2. Switch the phone off, charge for 1hr
    3. Switch phone on, wait for 2 mins
    4. Charge for 1hr

    This comes from another post and was reported to be a suggestion from someone at HTC.

    It really worked brillianty and turned what was otherwise going to become a useless phone into a real winner again :D

    Let me know how you get on.

    PS - the apps I removed and reinstalled were 3G Watchdog and Motolen Battery lite.

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  5. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

    I also get this once or twice so far
  6. sare99

    sare99 Well-Known Member

    Me three. Also I used the trackpad to position the cursor in a part written message, started typing again & the new text came in somewhere entirely different....*sighs*

    Since updating I am also convinced that my battery drains quicker & my volume levels are quieter which is a complete disaster because the volume on this phone was never brilliant to start off with. I haven't tried the WiFi hotspot or blue tooth yet but so far am not convinced I have benefited by upgrading (apart from getting Flashlight which has already proved handy for getting my key in the door & being able to move some apps to the SD card) & would wind it back if I as able.
  7. sare99

    sare99 Well-Known Member

    Oh........and I forgot to say I lost all my internet bookmarks so had to re-add them as I have no idea how to use/reinstate from the .dat backup file created during the upgrade process.
  8. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

    I have just tried the video, and it is definitely jerky, like it cant quite keep up on playback. Have you tried in on pc? I have only played it back through the phone, perhaps its better on computer?
  9. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

    As for the sms side of things, have you tried calibrating the touch screen again? I did this, and I cant remember it happening since...although that could just be my poor memory. always worth a try though.
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  10. graceydaisy

    graceydaisy New Member

    Hi, I'm new to both HTC and android and am technically challenged, Please be gentle with me :)

    I can't pair my bluetooth headset - I don't know if thats since the 2.2 upgrade but it's a possibility.

    I also have problems with Orange maps....long story ....it wants to re register me evry time i connect...tiresome. After numerous calls/visits to Orange shops they advised I join a forum! the app will not delete,I have successfully managed to hard reset my handset (much to my surprise) however it made no difference to the app :confused:. Orange shop staff suggested I just use a different app! I would ....but the google based Navigate on my handset doesn't seem to have a way to store addresses/places visited which was useful in the other app and allowed me to pre programme my routes.

    Any suggestions??
  11. madmonk

    madmonk Well-Known Member

    I'm on Orange 2.2 - not rooted, used the installed Google Navigate fine today for the first time and it worked fine, even remembering addresses I must have entered into other Google apps.

    Tend not to bother at all with the Orange software.

    However, I am disappointed with froyo too - what has it given me? Phone isnt faster that i notice, I was looking forward to sending apps to the SD but can only send about five of them. No idea why Sudoku, Color nOTE, Memory trainer, virtual recorder, chess and metronome etc cant be sent. They're not even remotely connected to how the OS runs.

    I'm going to try and uninstall a lot, reboot, then re-install.

    Battery seems slightly better, but that may well be wishful thinking or perhaps to do with I'm no longer obsessed with task killing.

    I've got a flashlight.
    Yippee doodah.
  12. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    The reason why you can't move those apps is because the app developers haven't updated their software to use the SD card feature that was added to 2.2.
  13. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

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  14. Geordie Ahmed

    Geordie Ahmed Well-Known Member

    Havnt been too impressed with the update so far

    The internet scrolling has deteriorated, very jerky and slow

    The battery does not last as long - it's fine on standby BUT as soon as I put on the Internet the battery goes down very quickly, before the update it wasnt this bad

    When I search a text and when I try to click it a force close happens

    BUT the flashlight is awesome
  15. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

    I think that is the only thing I think everyone is happy with, the flashlight haha. I think I will link the HTC support team to this forum
  16. sare99

    sare99 Well-Known Member

    Yep, yep, yep.....I agree totally. My battery was definitely not draining as fast prior to this update. :(
  17. MarkDL

    MarkDL New Member

    i'm having several of the problems already mentioned here but my major concern at the moment is not being able to access the market. I can't even get in to it let alone download anything.

    When i hit the market app it says the linked program is no longer installed on my phone.

    I've done a bit of a search and have seen people with problems not being able to download from the market but none actually unable to connect to it.

    Am i missing something or is there a simple fix?
  18. lpoolck

    lpoolck New Member

    I am having the same issues as Blakey, in that bluetooth wont stay connected, definitely to do with the Orange android 2.2 update. Wish Orange motto was if it aint broken... then my bluetooth would work!!
  19. Thewayforward

    Thewayforward Member

    Just had a quick look online and this isn't too common, but I did see one or two people with same issue as this on other networks. The Vodafone forum staff said to factory reset which for the user with the problem, solved it. Perhaps worth a try if it doesn't sort itself out in the next few days. Of course you could always contact Orange technical support or email HTC support (I tried to send them a link to this forum, but the webpage repeatedly crashed on my PC). If anyone does tell them we have issues and links them here, let me know if you get a response and I won't send a duplicate email
  20. class478

    class478 Member

    haven't noticed any real issues after doing my factory reset. something i was reluctant to do as it rarely solves anything. seems to have sorted most of the teething troubles like the lock screen going missing and the phone seems to absolutely fly along with much better battery life. i am now getting what you might call 2 heavy ish days of usage with email polling every 15 mins beside other things. battery was definately looking dodgy after the initial 2.2 update.
    have given wifi hotspot a go and seems to connect to my netbook but wouldn't work cause 1 bar of 3g if i am lucky in my house.
    i think the update tries to keep too many things in place and this isn't a good thing it seems. so bite the bullet and fatory reset after updating to orange 2.2 froyo is my advice for now anyway.
  21. Narbs

    Narbs Member

    I had some hassle here, have you all that have had issues had the phone visible, plus the visibility is for about 1.5 mins don't know how to keep visibility on all the time . Once I sorted this ,all fine .
  22. Mr Lahey

    Mr Lahey Active Member

    Got a bug:

    If your alarm goes off and then you snooze it, then decide to send a text without turning the alarm off, if the alarm goes off whilst your sending a text it becomes impossible to turn off the alarm without turning off the phone.
  23. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    Menu > Settings > Alarms > tick the "Allow Snoozetext" option ;)

    Just kidding! That's a strange bug, are you using the stock alarm and text message apps? I use different apps for both and never had that happen to me, and I often text while the alarm is on snooze.
  24. Mr Lahey

    Mr Lahey Active Member

    Yeah im using both stock.

    It is a strange one i admit. But a bug nonetheless, i wonder if this is a handset wide bug?
  25. MH75

    MH75 Well-Known Member

    Phone in general seems slower at more or less everything.
    Waste of time upgrade for me, wish I hadnt bothered.

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