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  1. BigknockHawk

    BigknockHawk Active Member

    Ok, I am a total newb to Android. Just got Galaxy S Mesmerize (USCellular) on 10/26/10. When 2.2 is released, how do I go about getting it/upgrading my phone? I hear people talk about Kies and I see that in my "Settings - USB Settings". When I choose that and connect, via USB, to my PC, does that do something?

    Sorry for the stupid questions.


  2. Reap

    Reap Well-Known Member

    If you're in the US you need Kies Mini, but yeah when you go to Settings-USB settings-Kies and you connect it to kies it should update your phone to the latest firmware but 2.2 on the SGS isn't out in the US and other countries yet.
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  3. BigknockHawk

    BigknockHawk Active Member

    Is there something I need to place on to my PC from the user manual CD or get somewhere else on line? Or when I choose the Kies setting on my device, then connect to my PC, does it just do it's thing automatically?

    Sorry again for the silly, uneducated questions.
  4. Reap

    Reap Well-Known Member

    are you asking where to get the kies software for your pc?

    so here are the steps if your confused, because I'm confused as to what you're asking:

    1. Download Kies software onto your PC
    2. Install Kies on your PC
    3. Make sure your device USB setting is on Kies (you may also need USB debugging enabled)
    4. Run Kies on your computer
    5. While Kies is running on your computer connect your device via usb to your computer
    6. It should tell you your firmware and if you're not up-to-date, it should have a button for upgrade

    I don't know if it's against the rules to post links, but if you need the link to download kies for your pc, pm me

    sorry if I'm not much help
  5. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    You won't need Kies in all likelihood. When 2.2 is rolled out, it will be an OTA update. Unless USCC does something silly. But they have not added anything of their own to the phone anyway, so I don't see that happening.
  6. userno69

    userno69 Member

    I think it will be OTA and it's supposed to be out before the end of the year. I wonder if it will get Gingerbread though.
  7. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member


    From us cellulars facebook page:

    We're working hard to provide current Android-powered phones with an upgrade to Froyo (Android 2.2). The Desire and Acclaim are targeted to upgrade later this month, but may be pushed to January due to technical issues we're resolving with HTC and Samsung. The Mesmerize and Apex will receive Froyo shortly after. We truly appreciate your patience, and we'll let you know the moment we have additional info!
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