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2.3.3 to 2.3.6 on Galaxy SGeneral

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  1. TechMennis

    TechMennis Member

    This is just a plain and simple quetion.... Can you update the Samsung Galaxy s to 2.3.6 withoit flashing a rom? and can it be done via.kies?
    Please let me knoe how if so


  2. kalpet89

    kalpet89 Active Member

    I don't think so.
  3. DancingBadger

    DancingBadger New Member

    Yes, I have a Galaxy S, never been rooted or flashed, it was on 2.1 when I got it and I've updated regularly as new firmware is released via Kies - it's now on 2.3.6.

    As for how - I installed Kies on my pc, plugged my Galaxy in with the USB lead, if there's a new firmware available Kies tells me and asks if I want to upgrade. I just say yes and let it get on with it, following the on-screen instructions (which pretty much say to leave it alone until it's finished). Takes 5 or 10 minutes, no drama. I generally do a factory reset because I've read that it helps, although to be honest I've omitted to do so a couple of times and it didn't seem to make any difference.
  4. Mens Rea

    Mens Rea New Member


    I too am looking for information about the GT-I9000 and the 2.3.6 update.

    I am from New Zealand. Vodafone NZ seem to be sitting on the idea of providing the 2.3.6 upgrade to their handsets.

    I have been looking at installing the upgrade from another country - as I note that the 2.3.6 upgrade was recently released in Australia.

    I have looked through all sorts of forums and websites but I eventually get a little bit confused...

    Should I wait and see if the official NZ version comes out, use official firmware from another country or find a third party custom rom based on 2.3.6? This would obviously need to be done through a programme other than Kies...
  5. TechMennis

    TechMennis Member

    Hey thanks, although when I go into kies it says im up to date. I am from Australia and its the GT-19000T. Is that a problem?
  6. TechMennis

    TechMennis Member

    And im on telstra

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