[2.3.4 ROMS] ALLY AOSP GingerBreak & BionxCore

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  1. b0bness

    b0bness Active Member

    well i dont know if its exactly fully functional yet, but there is definitely service. i cant seem to get service in my room at all anymore (used to have enough to receive texts and what not) but outside i had 2 bars and could call and text fine. maybe there's just a few kinks that need to be ironed out on the radio.

  2. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    Nice, keep me updated, il see what i can do.
  3. b0bness

    b0bness Active Member

    alright so i dont know why but for some reason it doesnt work some boots and other boots it does. so it isnt every time, thought it was but it just was getting texts and such from when i shut it down and restarted.

    So both time i got it to call i did this:
    Turn on airplane - rebooted
    Turn off airplane - rebooted
    and one final reboot

    now its at the point where i can send and receive texts without having issues. Will logcats help? If so, I'll try to get someone like D2A to help me set up and record some
  4. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    Go at it
  5. NekoTaks

    NekoTaks Active Member

    Now THAT is definitely promising. I might flash Core within the coming weeks. I'll report back with results after about a week so that I can get some time with it. I'm still active so we'll see how it goes.

    edit: Great update to the OP. . .but I know I'm definitely flashing in the coming weeks. Possibly this weekend, so I can report back by next week Saturday.
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  6. b0bness

    b0bness Active Member

    ok so from what i've been seeing from using core for about 3-4 days... the 3g will only work while connected to wifi or when turning the phone off/on (reboots will give me messages that i missed but only sometimes). so is there something thats causing the 3g to only turn on while wifi is on?
  7. NekoTaks

    NekoTaks Active Member

    Do you have to be connected to a WiFi network for 3G to work, or does it just have to be turned on?
  8. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    Il have a build2 ready soon.
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  9. b0bness

    b0bness Active Member

    You have to be connected to wifi
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  10. b0bness

    b0bness Active Member

    oh and if 3g ever stops working for those of you who are testing it. its probably because it lost service and it wont try to look for service for some reason. so just reboot in a different spot where you normally have service and you should be good to go. :cool:
  11. NekoTaks

    NekoTaks Active Member

    So it's non-functional if it's not connected to WiFi? 'Coz that would kinda suck, since my area is nearly devoid of WiFi (a lot of Kauai Internet users where I live still hardwire their networks. . .and my own house doesn't even have Internet access, save for my Ally).
  12. b0bness

    b0bness Active Member

    well that's why we're testing and trying to get a fully working radio.
  13. KuroTsubasa

    KuroTsubasa Well-Known Member

    Okay, so I (briefly) tested BionixCore. It seems to have similar issues to all the other 2.3 rom attempts. In my test, I could make calls going out, which worked perfectly, but would not end after the call was over. I could send a text and have it be received, however it still said "sending..." on my side. I could NOT receive any calls or texts in my test. 3g seemed to be working okay though.

    Makes me wonder if this problem isn't actually in the radio/radio driver, but in apps communicating *with* the radio. The radio has shown it can work *when it wants to*, we just need to figure out why it won't receive anything (or if it does, what is ignoring this information).

    Just adding my two cents. Need my phone to be a functional phone though, so I'm flashing away for now. Defiantly interested in seeing how this progresses though. Reflashing makes me sad because this rom looks so awesome. My upgrade isn't until June, so let's have a working 2.3 radio just in time for me to switch. XD
  14. gagamonstar

    gagamonstar Member

    I like this rom alot, but when i press end and then go to unlock the phone nothing shows up. It vibrates and it works like nothing was the matter but the screen doesn't show anything. It will then work afterwards, but i don't have a specif time when it does. Oh you guys are my first favorite rom developers!
  15. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    That is standby mode, which is described as a bug in the above. Fix it by accessing the Bionx app and navigating to display options and uncheck the screen off animation.

    I agree with what you guys are saying about communication errors with the system and applications.

    Anyways, I uploaded to newer builds today. Couldn't tell with differences. Messed with communication APs in build.prop and Lib Folder.
  16. PunjabiRemiix

    PunjabiRemiix Well-Known Member

    is the Gingerbreak rom fully rooted yet?
  17. b0bness

    b0bness Active Member

    ok just flashed the build3. first thing i noticed is i was able to link my gmail with it displaying 1x and no bars,and i was also able to sync my contacts no problem. besides that im looking at the same issue of no messages received while wifi is off. when i turn wifi off the bars or service stay the same, but they go from blue to gray and it wont confirm sent messages nor receive them
  18. gagamonstar

    gagamonstar Member

    thanks!!!!!!!!!! :d
  19. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    I cant get this to be useable due to the screen issue. I have disabled animations in display but it still will not come back at all after it shuts off.
  20. zachstr

    zachstr New Member

    I haven't had a chance to try the newest bionix build on my ally, but I did try the other one. After changing the screen off setting, it worked pretty well. The 3g connection somehow died after a while and I had to reboot. However, it cannot function as a phone for me. I cannot receive calls or texts with it. I can send them, but I can't receive. I had to switch back to stormdroid. I'm running a rooted ally with verizon and data.
  21. joeycent

    joeycent Member

    Cant believe that 2.3 is actually running on this phone. This was all it needed from the start to be a fully functioning device. Runs much smoother than 2.2 and cant seem to find any bugs. I did have a problem with the screen not wanting to wake back up but turning off the screen off animation fixed it. Thanks a lot for your work
  22. NekoTaks

    NekoTaks Active Member

    Finally was able to download Core (since the Internet would be faster at my school than trying to download through my phone's browser over 3G). Gonna test over the next couple days, hopefully get the same result as b0bness, but without WiFi.
  23. srozzman

    srozzman Active Member

    Installed BionixCore Build 3 on an activated Ally. These are my observations thus far

    What Does not work
    - MMS over wifi or 3G
    - Camera button (on side of phone) does nothing

    - Screen brightness seems to be set randomly coming out of the lockscreen
    - to get SMS working, I had to put it in airplane mode, reboot, then take it out
    - some system fonts are hard to read (notification pulldown, menu on homescreen [the one that pops up when you hit the menu key])
    - inconsistent battery icon - normal blue one when charging, Bionix style when not
    - inconsistent colors of signal icons (wifi, etc). They randomly change from gray to blue
    - Gmail cannot update as "package is not signed correctly"
    - Virtual Keyboard is tiny in portrait mode
  24. badapple420

    badapple420 New Member

    where is google talk
  25. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

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