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  1. MX251088

    MX251088 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    does anybody know when the update 2.3.4 will coming out for this device?

    Thank you

  2. MX251088

    MX251088 Well-Known Member

    Nobody any idea???
  3. MX251088

    MX251088 Well-Known Member

    Already 82 views and no answers?????????


  4. hanybanoub

    hanybanoub Member

    Did it via the SE PC software. Updated smoothly. Cant say what is different from previous as I just got it.

    Some say battery is better cause 3G radio standby seems improved.
  5. MX251088

    MX251088 Well-Known Member

    Is the update already there?????????

    Yes or not??? :)
  6. damomagee

    damomagee Member

    The update is out now but the update needs to be done by plugging phone into computer and install it with the Sony software it does not update by doing it on the phone update screen in the settings

  7. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    This info is correct, the update is available already but it might not be in certain countries yet. To confirm if the update is available for your phone, download the PC Companion from the Sony Ericsson website and connect your phone to your computer to have it updated.
  8. natnat

    natnat Well-Known Member

    I got a notification saying the update was there and it took me to the update process. I am on T mobile UK.All worked fine, have not noticed much difference though.
  9. namtheman1221

    namtheman1221 New Member

    Well, there shoulde be 2 newer things of the updated version:
    1. 3D camera
    2. Facebook Insider (wastes battery life,I think :)
    BTW, " All Xperia Phones released in 2011 will have been upgraded up to 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in next month" Confirmed by SE

    Waiting for that :D
  10. damomagee

    damomagee Member

    Where did you get the information to say that the experia range will be updated to icecream sandwich in the next month?

    Tried to get this information but no luck :confused:
  11. Lizardroid

    Lizardroid Active Member

  12. snowman1

    snowman1 Member


    My girlfriend and I both have the mini pro, we live in belgium and she bought hers from 'allo telecom' and me from 'mobistar', both are unlocked as such, in the way we can both use any simcard in them (her with proximus and me with mobile vikings) but there is what you would call bloat ware from the respective companies in each phone. 2 days ago she recieved the 2.3.4 update over the air and all works fine, however i have recieved nothing yet. My question is does it depend which company you buy the phone from, or is it a network thing or a sony thing, because her provider (proximus) doesn't even sell the mini pro, so i dont see why they would issue an update for a phone they dont even sell.

    any info would be appreciated
  13. snowman1

    snowman1 Member

    nobody any ideas? surely someone knows, or has had this problem before, i should add that both the pc updater program from sony and the update option on the phone both say it is up to date.

  14. mattman97

    mattman97 New Member

    Should i get this phone or the htc chacha?
  15. snowman1

    snowman1 Member

    updated now, used wotanserver, thanks for all the replies and help.:rolleyes:

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