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  1. dsb9938

    dsb9938 Well-Known Member Developer

    To root 2.3.5, untill somebody comes up with a way to do it in the system, requires a rooted kernel.

    You can download my rom and just flash the kernel if you like.

    This will give you root through adb so you can push the root files to the tab.

    I will not walk anybody through this, if you don't know how to do it, you probably shouldn't.


  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    If you can go to recovery mode
    Then you can root via flash with sd card option .(without the shell-root kernel :D )

    Use the zip below .
    Boot to recovery .
    use update from sdcard option and flash it.
    Presto .you have rooted device .

    Edit 1 : Probably wont Work due to bad script .
  3. caseyatbt

    caseyatbt Well-Known Member

    I tried your update.zip file. I looks to start the update, then goes to a screen with triangle with an explanation point in it.
  4. caseyatbt

    caseyatbt Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I have used ADB several times throughout all my Android devices. I not afraid of doing it, but I don't know all the proper lines to push it correctly. I have always followed instructions without any problems.
  5. dsb9938

    dsb9938 Well-Known Member Developer

    You're script looks bad. You can't copy files without mounting the file system unless you tell recovery (non-stock) to mount it first.

  6. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Yeah .I guess so .
    Sorry . :).
  7. vikesh12345

    vikesh12345 New Member

    how do i root my acer liquid mini android 2.3.5 pls need help

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