2.3 custom rom, who is using what?

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  1. TheLaw

    TheLaw Member

    Hey guys, I'm looking into update my current 2.2 seprendity to the new 2.3 rom as I've been reading good things about Gingerbread. Let me know what rom you are using as I want to get a sense of which rom is better as I will look through the specs and decide because I do not want to load multiple roms to test out.

  2. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    I switch between 2 right now.

    Legend 3.0: fast, stable, cool themes.

    And kk4 rooted deodexed debloated: pretty much says it all in title, I like it cause I can use UOT kitchen and build a theme for it.

    Great support for both so far!

    Those are the ones I have liked. I didn't care for Saurom to much.

    I may as well add that roms are going to be a personal preference and your beat bet is to read and check out screen shots, find one that has what you want.


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