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  1. JaeWeb

    JaeWeb Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the Gravity Smart will recieve the Gingerbread update? Just curious. Thanks all :)

  2. eggowaffle

    eggowaffle Member

    wow no one made a custom rom?
  3. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    This is what we get for buying unpopular phones, even if the phone itself isn't half bad.
  4. eggowaffle

    eggowaffle Member

    do u think u can post the official rom on the website?
    i accidently deleted my home....
  5. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    An awesome member over at XDA forums named comoc85 dumped the /system/app/ folder before signing into anything and before any mods were performed..

    what this means is, those that uninstalled apps or deleted them, and wish they could restore them, CAN...

    [Q] Samsung Gravity Smart SGH-T589 - no roms? no kernels? no recoveries? - Page 2 - xda-developers

    be sure to thank him :D

    edit: direct download link --> systemappdump.rar
  6. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

    Hi I'm kinda new to android , I have rooted my phone of course. Does anyone have progress or news on upgrading from 2.2.2 froyo to 2.3 gingerbread? Any advice or news would be helpful. Thank you
  7. GorillaP

    GorillaP Member

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  8. gblues

    gblues Well-Known Member

    An actual firmware image is on samfirmware.com and instructions for flashing it are at

    Recovering your Samsung Gravity SMART - Gravity Smart Wiki

    I think an ICS port is feasible because other Samsung phones with very similar hardware have ICS unofficial ports. I don't know if it's something I can do, but I'm looking at it, at least.
  9. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

    not to sound like a jerk but , i just put cm7 os 2.3.7 on my friends crappy ideos u8150 last night mad :mad: ....if it can be done for that crappy phone , it can surely be done for the gravity smart right?
  10. gblues

    gblues Well-Known Member

    There's no technical reason that it can't run GB (or even ICS)... but it's a combo of being an unpopular phone and Samsung not giving a d**n. I'm looking into it and if I have any success, I'll post at thread here and @ XDA. I wouldn't hold your breath though ;)
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  11. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

    well actually , thats the first clear post i have read on the subject , thank you , i dont know much about android really but , if help is needed just ask and ill see what i can do
  12. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

    has anyone tried getting our rom and exact specs into the android emulator for testing? it may be leading down an already taken or impossible path but it was just a thought
  13. gblues

    gblues Well-Known Member

    The emulator is fairly worthless for ROM development, but I actually have a broken phone that I disassembled and found out that it uses very similar hardware to other phones (notably the Galaxy Ace). I'm trying to find a Gingerbread kernel source for the Ace that will actually compile but I'm not having a lot of luck. :(
  14. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

    well it was a thought....if i can help in any way just let me know
  15. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

  16. dpwguenther

    dpwguenther Active Member

    can i use cm recovery from the galaxy ace?

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