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  1. nebler

    nebler Well-Known Member

    Ive just noticed I have 2 camera apps preinstalled in my drawer which do the same thing?

    Any reason?

  2. Travillion

    Travillion Well-Known Member

    That's pretty weird--I definitely only had 1. My guess is you are coming from another phone where you had an aftermarket camera app which automatically downloaded when your N5 synced up.
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  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Its also possible you may be talking about the gallery and photos app?

    But I think the explanation above mine is more likely :thumbup:
  4. elemein

    elemein Well-Known Member

    Hate to be potentially off-topic, but whats the difference between the two? im curious now.
  5. nebler

    nebler Well-Known Member

    I think Travillions explanation may be the answer. I have a nexus 7 which needed a camera app installed, so it could of downloaded before I had a chance to stop it.

    There is no difference that I can see apart from the icon design, however, one app can be uninstalled and the other can't.

    Thanks guys.

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