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    Aug 12, 2011
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    Hi, would it be possible (or has it already been done) for somebody to create an app that could allow me to scroll a window embedded into a web page. For example a text box like the one i am writing in now. This can currently be done using my trackpad but can only be done if i select some text inside the window however this is now always possible. I have searched the net but cannot find an answer. I know that the iphone can do it by swiping in the direction you wish to scroll with 2 fingers. This makes certain webpages unusable. The only example i can give of this at the moment (although there have been other occasions) is when selecting my fantasy football team on the daily star website i cannot scroll through the players avalible and cannot select any text inside the window to use the trackpad. Like i previously mentioned this can be done on an iphone by using 2 fingers to scroll
    the window.
    I thought this would have been sorted with my gingerbread update but unfortunatley not.
    Thanks in advance


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