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  1. fastordiy

    fastordiy Well-Known Member

    anyone know if this phone has HDMI ?
    also does anyone know if this phone has HID input ?(connect game controllers, mouse etc via. micro usd adapter)

  2. 1Andrew

    1Andrew Active Member

    There are quite a few reviews out now -- don't think any of them mentioned HDMI, and I doubt that would be a feature left out of the "feature panel" on the LG Spirit 4G box. So, no to HDMI.

    Second question -- No clue.
  3. PHP87

    PHP87 Well-Known Member

    From a LG Spirit review:

    "You also get SmartShare, which allows you to share music, photos, and video on your HDTV or monitor via DLNA."

    Of course, your hardware must support DLNA to take advantage of this feature.

    Consumer Home
  4. freeMYphone

    freeMYphone Member

    -No separate HDMI port on phone, may be accessory that attaches to micro USB slot?
    -Metro is selling a "media charging dock" that alleges to connect to your TV. Can't tell what the port is on the back, I suspect it's HDMI-ish. Look here: Unlimited Wireless Service - MetroPCS

  5. bnb25

    bnb25 Well-Known Member

    60 bucks is way to much for a dock, they are out of their mind
  6. Spdfreak34

    Spdfreak34 Well-Known Member

    It looks like it holds a spare battery....
  7. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    This phone does not support HDMI. The usb port would need MHL support like found on the SGS3 which can connect from usb to HDMI with it's proprietary connector sold separately.

    You can possibly connect through DLNA to your PS3 and stream media that way on your TV. I will try this eventually and share my findings.

    The port on the back of the dock on the metro site is a usb to connect to your typical wall outlet.
  8. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Does it have notification leds? :0
  9. GameTheory

    GameTheory Well-Known Member Developer

    There are no LED's, but when the phone reaches full charge, it plays a low sound to let you know.
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  10. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Darn :p I've gotten so used to LEDs one esteem lol

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