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  1. WhatAName

    WhatAName New Member

    I try to navigate to a site in my Pantech Burst's default browser and there is about a 2 minute delay before it even tries. It then continues at normal 4g LE speeds after that initial time. If I don't use the phone for a good while (2+ hours), the delay comes back.

    If I use an app like google maps, the internet is immediately responsive, as it should be. So this makes me think that it is this default browser. Suggestions?

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi there, WhatAName...

    Welcome aboard. Just to let you know that I've moved your thread to its area of support. It would be better to get some responses from other users of this phone.

    Thanks for joining. :)
  3. Rsccman

    Rsccman Member

    look at the bars on your phone, also who uses 3/4g to surf the internet, use your wifi
    also its not a 2 min delay, its trying to allocate memory to pull your request, also use 'firefox' browser

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