2 more noob questions...Support

  1. Renlaan

    Renlaan Active Member

    Hey guys. Two more things that are driving me crazy, well maybe 3...

    I have SMS Popup, but not sure if this is the problem. When my phone rings and I go to answer it like after 5 seconds, the screen goes dark and I gotta hit the top right key to unlock it. How can I keep the screen lit up durring the whole ringtone?

    Can you disable that unlock thing you have to drag EVERY time you want to turn the phone on? Half the time it dosen't respond to my touch and I gotta mash the screen to get it to pull across.

    Any way to make the camera faster?? I go to take a pic and it takes like 3 seconds for it to actually click, by then my target has moved and its blurred.

    Thanks and sorry, this whole touch screen is new to me...

  2. speeder760

    speeder760 Well-Known Member

    I dont have any answers to any of your questions lol but i will suggest flashing froyo, it helps a lot.

    I wouldn't bother waiting for the official(ive been waiting since december, and others since october). I know you said it looks complicated, thats what i thought to.

    I also came from an bb 8330 (i think thats what you said you had)

    I dont use the tutorials on this site, i go straight to the source, you might like that better.

    To root your phone read here :Guide to Flashing Vampirefo Transform Kernel and Recovery

    After rooted you can install froyo, read here:Froyo port ROM and Hotspot remover [UPDATED 2/10/11]

    Its very simple and easy. Give the links a read.

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