2 things...phonemypc and overclocking

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  1. glockjs

    glockjs Well-Known Member

    don't feel like making two threads :p

    1. does anybody have phonemypc running on their intercept? how does it run?

    2. has anybody overclocked their intercept? to what speed and is there a major performance dif? battery life?

    thanks in advance!

  2. one80oneday

    one80oneday Well-Known Member

    1. It works pretty good
    2. Not yet but hopefully soon Intercept - Development
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  3. glockjs

    glockjs Well-Known Member

    thanks for the reply. per your post and a speedy response from the company after emailing them i decided to make the purchase. i gotta say i am very impressed with the app...love it already.

    as far as the OC ill keep an eye on that forum. i think i might wait til 2.2 to start tinkering with the root. im on VM and if i brick my phone i will cry and rage at the same time. so no use gambling twice.

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