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  1. busgirl

    busgirl New Member

    So, go online to see this months bill to see it's $427!, not the usual $225 for our family of with 2 smart phones (which is still mindblowing). Discover my cell # has been charged $200 in "easyedge" charges. US Cellular rep says I exceeded the 5mb (gb?) data max. I've had a smart phone for almost 2 years and have never incurred anything like this. He says I exceeded it by quite a bit this month, but can't tell me exactly how. I haven't done anything different this month than any other, although I got a Samsung Galaxy SII about 4 months ago to replace my Blackberry. I use the phone for calling, email, texting, checking weather, Facebook, Words with Friends and googling stuff. The more I have it the more I find useful things to do with it, but wil definately stop IF I knew what I'm doing that's using all this data! He said to make sure I log off of Facebook every time, which I didn't know. But that's about all he could suggest. He said my normal usage has been 1-2 gb (mb?)/month, but this month was over 6, and was regularly .1-.25/day

    Anyone have any suggestions on what the problem is? Is it anytime I'm notified by an app that I'm using data? Like the Groupon "G" that appears when I get an offer??? He deducted $50 of the charge, which I guess is better than nothing, but grrrrrrr.

  2. You can track how much data you're using on your account through USCC's website or dialing #225 (whatever it is for usage. Maybe #611? I forget.) My best guess would be that you play a lot of games like Diner Dash, Sims Social, etc. Those use up a LOT of data.
    Keeping track of it would at least help you know when to stop.
  3. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    The jump in data usage from a blackberry to an android is not surprising. I concur with badger regarding the possible sources of the data use. Any game that pushes you notifications or requires contact with an online server is going to use a lot of data. Facebook can also be a huge data hog if you have it set to constantly check for updates and sync on a regular basis. This is something that can use a ton of data without you even realizing it. Also, depending on the weather app you are using, it might be constantly updating behind the scenes and using your data. Another possible data hog is accessing streaming music or video from any source. Do you use Pandora or any other streaming music app, or a video app like YouTube? Anything like that would eat up your data very quickly.

    In addition to badger's suggestion of tracking your data usage through USC, I would recommend getting an app that keeps track of how much data you have used. I use 3G Watchdog. It is either free or really cheap. It keeps a running tally of how much data I have used, including showing the actual amount (in MBs) and by percentage of my limit. This won't tell you what is using your data, but it will give you a live, constant indicator of how close you are to your limit.

    Finally, it is always a good idea to turn on your wifi and use it when you have the opportunity. If you have wifi at home or at work and turn your phone on when you are at either place, any data requests will be sent/received over the wifi network rather than using your data plan. You can also use public wifi, but be careful with unsecured networks and what you access or share while using them.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.
  4. sierrajinx9

    sierrajinx9 Member

    Your Contract states that it is YOUR responsibility not there's to TRACK your Data.... Download ONAVO COUNT... This will watch ALL DATA Your Phone Uses while on DATA NETWORK (Not WIFI).... This will help you keep track!!

    Further More, If you are on the newest plans, you should be paying $10 a month for ever EXTRA GIG You use. Depending on your plan! I have the 2gig plan, never go over and if i do, its just $10 to get that third gig, then $10 more for the 4th and so on.
  5. Now534

    Now534 Active Member

    I never log off facebook on my phone and i use the internet a lot on it and i never really seem to hit 2gb a month. If i upload videos to youtube i can get pretty close 3gb
  6. tisto

    tisto New Member

    I have us cellular prepaid smartphone plan for past 2 years. It cuts the data off if i go over 2 gigs. That has never happened. I use pandora every time I'm in the car, and am always googling, playing words, browsing market, etc. I have used 3g watchdog app from market and it works great. I think it can tell you how much data each app uses, but I may be wrong.

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