2000mah OEM Size battery-Anyone try?Tips

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  1. MeLvYnRaY

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  2. Golfdood

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    Check out this post over at XDA where they are pulling the stickers from non OEM batteries. Seems that the 2000mAh Galilio batteries are actually 1000 mAh once the pretty sticker is pulled.

    3rd party battery mah database - xda-developers
  3. jerofld

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    It's like the old adage: If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

    3 cell phone batteries and a charger should cost more than $17.
  4. Spartanzz

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    yeah i bought this exact batter and charger just one one battery for 6 bucks and the battery really sux i just use it as a spare while my stock battery is charging....but, it was only $6 lol so im not really complaing because if im carefull the battery does last about 15 hours on moderat use
  5. Evoixmrftw

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  6. Tyler Perez

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    I've heard that these are 1000mah too... they don't really make 2000mah batteries that fit under the stock battery door from what I understand... i think the highest they do is 1900mah with stock back door... I think? Correct me if im wrong ?

    yeah, my theory with batteries... you get what you pay for..
  7. Recoil1

    Recoil1 Well-Known Member

    I have always bought batteries off ebay for around $6 per and they didn't last as long as my original battery but they came close after letting them sit in the phone for about a week and charge and discharge. Now I keep them as backup batteries which work great and i didn't have to pay 40 bucks for a battery that will maybe last 10% longer.

    As for the 2000 mah in the standard size compartment. I don't think so.

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