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*228 Problem

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  1. Firerealm

    Firerealm Member

    I just got my Samsung Admire and paid the $50 for the plan online. The next step Metro tells me to do is dial *228. I've been dialing it for the past 7-8 hours and it says there's a problem or Programming Failed! Is anyone else getting this problem? What do I do? :confused:

  2. El BrutalKid

    El BrutalKid Member

    Take it in to your nearest Metro store and they'll activate it right then and there for you.
  3. Firerealm

    Firerealm Member

    Thanks. Do you happen to know if there's an activation fee?
  4. 2012HereforNow

    2012HereforNow Active Member Contributor

    No, there is no activation charge (since you bought through MetroPCS)
    If you go to a "corporate" location and they try to charge you. (which they won't but in case)

    I would find the closest "resellers" of Phones...and just say, I bought off the web and its not working.

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