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2291 contacts in gmail, 2219 on phoneSupport

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  1. drummer10630

    drummer10630 Member

    I have a Galaxy s2 i9100GSMH intl model. In Gmail I have 2291 contacts. When I sync my contacts, my phone only shows 2219. I have wiped the contacts from the phone in Contacts Storage, and gmail (both), and then re-uploaded my contacts .csv file to gmail, then synced again, but same result. I even tried editing my .csv file to get rid of any extra columns, but still didn't work right. Is there something else I am missing? My .csv file is 387kb, is that causing a problem?

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Just a thought... have you got, "All contacts", selected in...

    Contacts > Menu > Contacts to display > All contacts
  3. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    And also, on your phone, are you only displaying contacts with telephone numbers?
  4. drummer10630

    drummer10630 Member

    Yes, but still the same problem
  5. drummer10630

    drummer10630 Member

    Nope, all (are supposed to be) being displayed, as I have not checked "only contacts with phones". Enabling and checking shows me fewer contacts (2206)
  6. drummer10630

    drummer10630 Member

    I flashed back to Ice Cream Sandwich, and the problem was solved. Might have been the wipe, reset, not sure, but glad to have some t9 functions return again (add word)

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